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The scenario evolves on the need for London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd (LOCOG) to present a case to management on the importance of workforce diversity and how HR can contribute towards LOCOG’s broader objective of diversity. …
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Workforce Diversity
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Download file to see previous pages For many organizations, workforce diversity becomes serious issue which gives birth to bigger problems afterwards. Just like all other organizations, a hefty amount of diversity possesses at LOCOG as well. For an event like Olympics 2012, if the concern of diversity is not taken seriously then it might lead to multiple problems like conflict of interest, loss of time, efficiency and money, loss of productivity, legal actions and complaints, issues related to health etc. Acknowledging the importance of workforce diversity, many researchers have conducted researches in order to investigate the consequences, issues, importance and benefits of workforce diversity. In subsequent paragraphs, importance of workforce diversity has been mentioned in the light of relevant studies. Importance of Workforce Diversity Importance of diversity in workforce can be determined by acknowledging its severe consequences. If the proper management of workforce diversity is ignored, then there are chances for organization to encounter bigger mishaps. In this regard, Mannix and Neale (2005) conducted a study and explained the two aspects of workforce diversity that affect the organizational performance. These two aspects include: i. Functional Level Diversity ii. Surface Level Diversity It is necessary to recognize the widespread bases which cause diversity. These bases are categorized under two broader terminologies. Differences which arise on the basis of educational background, qualification, personality traits and experience are termed as Functional Level Diversity whereas differences appearing on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age and disability are categorized as Surface Level Diversity. Mannix and Neale (2005) investigated that surface level diversity leaves negative impacts on the performance of workers whereas functional level diversity yields positive results on the performance of workers. McCuiston, Wooldrige & Pierce (2004) also conducted research on the same subject. However, they highlighted the importance of leadership in managing a diversified workforce. Being present at the top management of the organization and having the sole authority of making decisions, according to McCuiston, Wooldrige & Pierce (2004), it is the responsibility of organization’s leaders to manage the diversity of workforce in an effective manner. The primary reason behind such intense diversity in workforce is globalization. After the financial crisis of 2007, people are migrating for getting better jobs which is increasing the intensity of workforce diversity more than ever before. In this regard, it is the responsibility of organization’s top management to deal effectively with workforce diversity because if the reputation of an organization regarding dealing with diversity gets ruptured in the eyes of labor market, then potential talented candidates will feel reluctant in applying for that certain organization (Bartz, Hillman, Lehrer, and Mayhugh, 1990). Managing Workforce Diversity at LOCOG 2012 For most of the organizations, it becomes difficult to deal with the issues related to workforce diversity. Many organizations take assistance from mentors, experts and practitioners in order to develop an applicable and efficient structure of strategies. Shen, Chanda, D’Netto & Monga (2009) have defined a clear structure of developing strategies for workforce diversity. They stated that for dealing with diversity, organization needs to formulate strategies at all three organizational levels. They include strategic level, tactical level and operational level. At strategic level, strategies must be crafted for long term purpose i.e. establishing strategies so that they will be applicable for more than 10 years. Such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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