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: Workforce Diversity Challenges in European Countries - Case Study Example

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WORKFORCE DIVERSITY CHALLENGES IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Name University Course Instructor Date Abstract Diversity implies differences in ethnic backgrounds, faith, culture, and sex- people from diverse demographic backgrounds working in the same institution makes workforce diversity…
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Case Study: Workforce Diversity Challenges in European Countries
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Extract of sample ": Workforce Diversity Challenges in European Countries"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction Workforce diversity occurs when institutions employ workers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Although, workforce is a crucial investment in establishing a better business and provides various advantages, it has some obstacles to workers and managers in many nations’ especially European nations. To experience workforce diversity benefits that organization must understand its advantages and understand how to deal with diversity in a better way. The paper will analyze and define some of the obstacles in managing workforce diversity in European nations and provide some recommendations and solution to the challenges. Discussions Most of the main challenges in workforce diversity management in European nations emanates from the unaccountable systems, system of law, inherited practices of employment, and prevailing European regulations and laws. For instance, Employment Balancing Act, diversity assumes a different meaning in the workforce. The acts creates a condition, for instance in the United Kingdom, where citizens have problems in landing in employment because they compete with both migrants and immigrants. A current history of incorporating immigrants is currently seen as resentment in many European nations. ...
Additionally, some current workplace requirements in European states such as United Kingdom, when one is seeking of job, the law states that his CV information should reflect details concerning his nationality, ethnicity, sex and a photo. These practices and requirements for employment have speeded and facilitated various potential hiring and job placement discrimination acts. Consequently, such discriminatory acts, lawsuits, complaints have mandated most of the organizations in the Europe to adhere to various strict laws and policies that encourage discrimination and biasness in employment and encouraging workforce diversity. Facilitating communication in organization with diverse workforce – multicultural- is a complex exercise because people have different languages and cultures. Similarly, suspicions and conflicts may occur because of communication problems in such institutions. Communication barriers in culturally diverse workforce in the European nations has been associated with reduced moral, employee turnover, reduced productivity and competition, mistrust, discord and reduced client focus and market orientation. Some of the United Kingdom immigrants, complaint of experiencing struggles in securing job placement because of their cultural backgrounds, language and skin color because Europeans associated immigrants with conflicts and low IQ. They also argue that European companies with culturally diverse workforce experience a dilemma when seeking competitive advantage. Therefore, managers believe that embracing cultural diversity in their workforce risks communication challenges. Other European nations such as Netherlands and Denmark believe that embracing cultural diversity risks their society, culture as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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