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CEO Leadership Analyses: Larry Page and Steve Ballmer - Assignment Example

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The researcher of this paper will focus on the leadership qualities of two renowned CEOs, Larry Page and Steve Ballmer, and compare and contrast their leadership styles. The following research will attempt to provide insight into their CEO profile. …
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CEO Leadership Analyses: Larry Page and Steve Ballmer
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that one of the irrefutable laws of teamwork, according to Maxwell, is to develop its leaders. An organization that uses its resources to recruit good people and to help them develop into good leaders reaps the reward for years to come. Ever since Page took control as the CEO of Google, there have been a number of changes made at Google. Page revamped the management structure at Google. The purpose for doing so is grounded in reforming decision-making processes and improving the efficiency of the company. Page and his fellow managerial colleagues at Google were cognizant of the approach Google was headed towards over the past few years. They feared that as the company progressed, it would become a victim to a bureaucratic system of leadership and management. Since progress and growth are naturally favored towards the development of a bureaucratic system, Page decided to revise many of the strategies followed by the company. This includes hiring 6000 more employees and clarifying their boundaries and responsibilities, giving more authority to subgroups for more efficient process execution, improving teamwork and coordination. He brought together experts from different specialties such as head of Android operations, YouTube and counter-strategist of Facebook to discuss their integration points and how to make processes faster. Page has been able to successfully deal with the initiative, as represented by the positive responses that he hasreceived. (Sterling, 2012). Another initiative that Page took was research on which Google operations were yielding profits. It remains a hallmark of his few months’ career as CEO that he introduced 20 new initiatives including the launch of a social network, Google Plus, along with Google TV and Google Wallet. Moreover, he closed operations such as Google Buzz and Google Health. The generated revenues are representative of the success of these endeavors. Third quarter of 2011 showed more than a 33% increase since the previous year’s third quarter. Seeing a huge potential in warding off legal issues, Page also acquired Motorola Mobility- a step that is of benefit to the company since it is already getting involved in several legal issues such as anti-trust regulations (Case Comp, 2012). Thereby, Page seems to do well at this initiative too owing to his ability to foresee the risks the company is likely to be exposed to. Steve Ballmer Ever since Ballmer held the CEO office, he has been engaged not only in polishing the image of the company but also in resolving a number of legal issues. However, Ballmer was seen to digress from these objectives when he made his users pay the maintenance fee for licensing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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