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Management And Organizational Behaviour Assignment - Essay Example

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This report talks that leadership is a highly valued commodity and an extremely significant element that individual careers and fate of organizations are determined by the effectiveness of leadership and leaders’ behavior. Leadership is considered crucial for organizational success…
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Management And Organizational Behaviour Assignment
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Extract of sample "Management And Organizational Behaviour Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages A successful leader is one who finds newer ways to find organizational success, influence his subordinates and help them perform their task to achieve the organizational goal. Steve Ballmer has recently introduced cloud computing and he has been very enthusiastic to speak about it to be a technological move to grab new marketing opportunities. Cloud computing has been designed and developed to enable businesses to communicate and do information processing in virtual system with no physical interaction with a computer (Katz, 2011). A leader is one who leads an organization, influences his people, introduces some thing new that is highly important for the success of the organization, brings new strategies to achieve targeted goals, incorporates people, process and technology to better manage the resources and make effective use of available resources for activating organizational success. In recent years, Steve Ballmer has been implementing different and effective strategies to lead the organization and its people especially to help them get accustomed with the changing business contexts and overcome its complexities. Introducing new ideas and focusing on customer satisfaction were some of very different ideas that identifies the leadership qualities of Steve Ballmer. Jean-Philippe Courtois Jean-Philippe Courtois has been the CEO of Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa and the company promoted him to lead its international sales, marketing and other services as the President of Microsoft International and senior vice president of Microsoft Corporation (, 2005). Jean-Philippe Courtois is the leader and top level manager to handle global sales of Microsoft, marketing and services of...
This article stresses that employees like consistency in leadership and they are constantly looking for consistency in the leadership style of their leaders. If a leader adopts mixed leadership styles or he is adopting different leadership strategies at different times, his people will be confused and often they wont be able to get accustomed with the way their leader handles a particular circumstance. Normally, it takes time to a team to study the route and styles their leader follows for different situations. Different organizations have their own particular style of management and leadership.
This paper makes a conclusion that leaders make change. Change brings opportunities and helps organizations achieve its goals like gaining sustainable competitive advantages. Both Steve Ballmer and Jean-Philippe Courtois have significant roles in the success of Microsoft especially in its recent years. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and Jean-Philippe Courtois, the president of Microsoft International are very successful leaders who have deeply influenced thousands of employees and other people in the organization. These two leaders were able to transform their vision to reality and therefore they are transformational leaders. They brought newer ideas, they developed visions, they conveyed proper messages to their people and they made change in the organization. They remained very constant with their leadership style and that has been another important element to their leadership success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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