Steve Ballmer's New Life as an NBA Owner- TEAM BUILDER - Essay Example

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Therefore, the business world changes as a result of the changes of its Chief Executive, owners as well as changes in the organization structures. Therefore,…
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Steve Ballmers New Life as an NBA Owner- TEAM BUILDER
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"Steve Ballmers New Life as an NBA Owner- TEAM BUILDER" Ballmer’s exit from Microsoft made the company shares to hike to a new level that never happened in his reign (Vance). Therefore, the business world changes as a result of the changes of its Chief Executive, owners as well as changes in the organization structures. Therefore, the entry of Ballmer to the Los Angeles Clippers will bring a lot of changes in the short run and long run. The management of the club will eventually change to the better as Ballmer’s will bring his management tools he has been using to lead Microsoft.
Ballmer acquired the Los Angeles Clippers with an unprecedented amount of money. Moreover, he promises to fund the team operation and ensure that they use the most recent technology in the teams operation. Therefore, Los Angeles Clippers will charm the finest basket players in the America (Vance). Furthermore, plier to Ballmer acquisition the Los Angeles has suffered a bad reputation of favouring white players and disregarding the blacks. For this issue, Ballmer’s has vowed to address and ensure only a players ability and race will determine a Los Angeles baskets ball team (Vance).
In the long run, the Los Angeles Clippers will be a top team in the country. Having invested his skills and resources in the club, Ballmer’s is ensured of a good return on investment. Moreover, by concentrating the best players the club will attract huge followers and who in return will contribute to the growth of the club finances. Therefore, Ballmer’s venture in Los Angeles Clippers will bring forth more medal than have been witnessed there before in the club.
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