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NBA vs. Owners - Essay Example

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Donald Sterling, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers that he bought 33 years ago, is being faced with bans and a possible force removal as the owner of Los Angeles Clippers following a racist conversation that he allegedly had with his girlfriend who was responsible for recording…
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NBA vs. Owners
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, in 2009 he paid $2.73 in fines to the federal government to settle claims that were placed on him regarding discrimination towards the African Americans and Latinos. Donald Sterling has also been sued in the past by his own 22-year manger on claims of harassment, discrimination, as well as wrongful termination. This case becomes a moral issue because the recording that Donald Sterling has been accused of was released to the press illegally and his conversation was recorded without his consent. This has led to Sterling claiming that his rights were violated. The image conscious NBA has several options that can be taken against the billionaire who has since maintained that he is not racist. This issue becomes more confusing because Donald Sterling has been involved in initiatives to support the minority groups. However, one of his own managers has maintained that he does something expecting to benefit in another way. For instance, helping the minorities and having a girlfriend from a minority group would be effective in showing that he is not racist and in improving his own image. Although the NBA has a clear constitution, several changes should be incorporated in it to ensure that firm actions are taken against individuals who make racist remarks. Due to the evil that is involved in racism, NBA should punish such individuals as Donald Sterling accordingly to ensure that such instances do not occur again in the future and to ensure equality in the American society. Preventing a re-occurrence of the same in the league, NBA should monitor the behavior of the team owners, create an environment that advocates for equality, react immediately to racist behaviors, and enforce racism cases regarding the league in the U.S constitution.
The NBA should monitor the behavior of the team owners as well as their actions so as to ensure that actions that may tarnish the name of the organization and the image of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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