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Running Head: NATIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION Name Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction The National Basketball Players Association is an organization that was founded in 1954. The union was established by professional basketball players and for the players…
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National Basketball Players Association
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Download file to see previous pages According to Stein (2011), the union was supposed to be like the guardian angel to the players by negotiating collective agreements, representing their grievances and guiding the players. It would also solve disputes arising between players and their teams, even player-player quarrels. Its overall purpose was to act at the best interest of players. The organization also creates a forum for members to engage in union activities. This is mainly through community outreach programs and in leadership roles. History of the Union The organization of the basketball union began in 1954 by the league’s top player Bob Cousy. He contacted other top players within the league and encouraged them of the importance of player unity. However, he received some opposition mainly from club owners, but the club owners insisted on their perspective. NBPA Official website (2013) says that in the year 1955, they came up with a list of concerns to the league’s bosses especially on the payment of back wages to the non-operational Baltimore Bullets club. They urged for the institution of a twenty-game limit on exhibition games and also to allow players to share on the benefits. They also championed for an independent settlement of player-owner conflicts. In 1957, the National Basketball Association's board of governors eventually gave in to the pressure and acknowledged the players union. They gave in to a list of demands from the players. According to the demands, players’ contracts had to be done by September 1st of every year. Regular players were not needed to report to training earlier than four weeks before the start of the season. Appearance of players on radio and television was to be considered, and the removal of the fine on whispering. According to Stein (2011), these acts were all for the benefit of the professional basketball players, thus encouraging them to participate in it. With time, they were able to bargain for more; in 1967 they bargained for monthly pension to players up to 65 years of age from start of their careers. These included new insurance packages and medical benefits and an increase to rookie salaries. Current Demographics of the Union The National Basketball Players has grown a lot over the years. It has led to the growth and development of talents. Many basketball players owe their fortune and careers to this organization. It has helped nurture and protects the players, welfare throughout all these years since its inception. Thirty basketball clubs have their representatives on this union, and they are players chosen by their colleagues to represent them during executive meetings. The union’s current president is Derek Fisher while the first vice president is Jerry Stackhouse. Secretary-Treasurer is James Jones with six other vice presidents. Thirty teams each have one representative to the union. The representatives also have alternatives who can sit on their behalf in case they might not be available. The organization has well over four hundred professional basketball players as its members. They are thus the major stakeholders of the union and are responsible for electing new officials to govern this body. The organization is created such that it has a number of departments with each responsible for various activities. According to NBPA Official website (2013), executive director’s office is the overall office overseeing all activities in the organization. We then have the legal department involved in handling all legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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National Basketball Players Association Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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