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This paper will put forth the current obtainable facts and formulations regarding the Channel Tunnel project with reference to project management. This paper will discuss the assessment of the effects which have been caused by the growth of this cross channel on various aspects of the environment of the countries. …
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The Channel Tunnel Project: Critical Assessment and Probable Upgrading
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Download file to see previous pages This essay explores the Channel Tunnel project. It has aimed at gaining a 31 mile tunnel which has been created underneath the English Channel between the United Kingdom and France. The primary reason for the creation of this tunnel was to carry from UK to France and back freight trains. Contrary to what was planned when its construction started, in 1988 it took 20% extra time for its constructors to structure it, and the budget that was set for its construction was also over passed. Even though the Channel Tunnel is considered as the world’s most extraordinary project as it risked being constructed in the sector where the public and freight transport was much higher, but still due to the problems that it faced it has not completely been unmatched. This is due to the fact that quite a few other projects of the same length and depths have been constructed. Hence, it is just not the structure that has been always compared to or linked with the success of other such projects, it is the project management that is always assessed and preceded. This project has been considered as an opportunity to bring together France that lies within an arm’s length with Britain and one as an illustration for the public structures that are financed privately, which has not been the fortunate scenario. As far as the political and financial establishments of both the countries are concerned, the Channel Tunnel project has been considered as an utter failure, despite the fact that it consisted of a channel that linked two significant regions of Folkestone and Calais. It is largely related that the failure is also linked to the idea that the project was unable to satisfy both the regions when it came to border crossing, which is why France and Britain have been unable to link on its basis. As a result of this failure of integration and connection, the company that runs the Channel Tunnel i.e. Eurotunnel, has continuously gained its income far below the expected gains, due to this, believes McLaughlin (1997, pp. 71-80) the company is facing a downfall and is in a debt of approximately 11 billion dollars, an amount hardly being covered through passenger fees and freight costs. Hence, when it comes to the formulation of project management, a large number of scholars believe that this is not the case of issue. Instead they believe that what needs to be held responsible for the enormous problems is the income bulge that was provided over sanguinely in the deal for construction. It is also believed that for the provision of such amounts of budgets along with their over runs, what has always been a problem is the failure of the project managers to foresee the provided options when it came to getting the people to and from England and France. Due to this it is a commonly held belief that the allowing classified flexibility required a universal and appropriately planned advancement if the managers wanted quality achievement. But on the other hand it has been provided that the management in some parts was very fruitful as all the tasks formulated were first assessed of their criticality and dependence of requisites. This represents that the ideal project management schemes that needed to be applied were partly out forth. The ones that worked in accordance to the ideology of perfectionism advanced that for all tasks quality requirements must be gained, which is why in the construction of the Channel Tunnel procession, the quality of the management has been graded on the scale of one to eight with accordance to its working methodologies division. Therefore, the Channel Tunnel project can be assessed and evaluated on the basis of project management with reference to its composite formulation, mature state of estimation, and brunt on all over procedures. This is why wherever the Channel Tunnel project is mentioned, people do not consider its technological accomplishment but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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