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Managing Business Performance and Information: Leeds City Council - Essay Example

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This paper analyzes the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in improving process and performance efficiency in Leeds City Council. The paper is concluded by providing the eventual impacts of ICT in supporting performance efficiency in Leeds Organization…
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Managing Business Performance and Information: Leeds City Council
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Extract of sample "Managing Business Performance and Information: Leeds City Council"

Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is Leeds City Council. This city is England’s second largest metropolitan district, covering an area of more than 550 square kilometers, and a population of over 715,000. It offers a wide array of services to residents, and it is committed to bringing the benefits of vibrant, attractive and prosperous city to Leeds’ residents. It provides its residents with comprehensive and efficient services that range from social services and housing to street maintenance and planning. Despite of the city’s success in providing comprehensive services to Leeds’ citizen, IT support was one area that was totally neglected within the organization. In the modern world, any successful and large organization cannot sufficiently operate without ICT support. A reliable and highly effective ICT infrastructure and services are necessities to enable Leeds City Council deliver high quality and comprehensive services to its residents. Within this organization, ICT services are handled and delivered by the Corporate Services Department. This is because this department highly requires ICT to deliver corporate priorities. Information is an essential tool for the corporate since it enables execution of transformations, and in the decision making process. It becomes important relevant to note that information is a key council asset. ICT delivers products, infrastructures and services that contribute to the management, storage, provision, sharing, security and use of the Council’s information through modern, effective and efficient business, communication networks, facilities and applications. (Williams, 1997 p189). The Council’s main aim of using ICT to support service delivery is to simplify and improve access to adequate quality services, enable improved operational efficiency and use of IT, create more transparent performance management standards and provide greater value for money (Punter, 2009 p83). The other objective is to motivate its staff members to contribute positively towards delivery of quality services to residents, and the Council’s priorities so as to exploit their potentials fully. In addition, the Council is also determined to make full exploitation of technological advancements, and the new ways of corporate governance so as to reduce operational costs and provide highly innovative services to Leeds’ residents (Williams, 1997 p192). Organizational Changes The main aim of adopting and integrating ICT system in this organization is to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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