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Procurement, contracts and strategies - Assignment Example

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Views about the impacts of changes in the built environment differ widely. Some people are only impressed by the scale and pace of change and make the assumption that it…
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Procurement, contracts and strategies
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Extract of sample "Procurement, contracts and strategies"

Download file to see previous pages It seems to oscillate between adopting a bold and inspirational stance and being timid and accepting. It is caught between the need to encourage as much growth as the local economy can accommodate and the desire to be selective and discerning on the grounds of quality. There is a wide gap between the ambition of being a truly European city and the reality. Those who aspire to be control of urban development in Leeds are more at its mercy than they could like to think or have us believe.
Leeds city council struggles to raise the value of their goods and services. This will lead to improvement in the monetary value. The following procurement strategy is mainly focused on the openness and transparency, category management, lifecycle approach the skills and capacity of procurement professionals. This idea is striving to exploit the examples of good practice and skilled with expertise professionals that are within the council’s premises from the local community to the international community. In addition, it also deals with the private sector and the public and responds to the views received through extensive ranging discussion and pilot projects.
Recently changes have occurred to the procurements of Leeds city council that are not far related to those of Staffordshire county council. It has been overshadowed that the changes will take approximately twelve months to be fully implemented and function in Leeds city council across all units of the council. This procurement strategy will be checked semi-annually together with the documents set to show the possible changes and lessons learnt from the new procurement.
Leeds city council at present spends $1500 million each financial year in terms of revenue and capital. The council acquires a very extensive range of services, goods and works. This includes back office support and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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