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Local Government - Research Paper Example

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The author of this essay "Local Government" deals with the activity of local government in the City of Newcastle. Reportedly, the Council of North Tyneside is one of the councils in the City of Newcastle and one of the five metropolitan areas in the City…
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Local Government
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Download file to see previous pages Both the City and the Council view that the devolution of decision-making process would make the councilors to perform at their most effective level. The devolution would help the councilors to promote high-quality customer-focused local services, and through the commission, they ensure that resources are adequate and available to local authorities.
The devolution of authority established as part of government reform causes the bureaucracy system of traditional paternal governance to become entrepreneurial governance or a mercantilist government and it is plaguing the country even the countries all over the world.
Traditionally, as local government and local leader, the city performs the mandate of the national government and delivers public goods and services to the citizens. However, the devolution requires the transfer of the national responsibility directly to the councils.
Councilors lead, coordinate, manage, direct the people, and guide them toward a higher standard of living (Schwarz 1983). Strategic planning, that is usually done at the national level is now their routine. The citizens also have easy access to their representatives and equal access to the goods and services even have direct access to participate in the public policy process.
As a mercantilist government, the citizens are still the customers and the clients are the minority groups or the stakeholders, who, after the reform, have better access to the City officials through the councils. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Local Government Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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