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Systems and Operation Management - Essay Example

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Systems and Operation Management (Apple) Name Name of instructor Date Introduction Historic overview Apple was formed in April of 1976 by Steve Wozniak who was 25 years old and Steve Jobs who was 21 years old. The capital for the launch of the company was gotten from the sale of a van and the first premise was inside Job’s family garage…
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Systems and Operation Management
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Download file to see previous pages The reason why Apple is one of the most acclaimed companies that stands out from the rest of the technology companies is the fact that it has continued to grow through the continuous redefinition of standards and techniques of innovation right from the products designed, to the way that they are marketed and also their improvement. The partnership of Wozniak and Jobs proved to be the perfect recipe for building one of the largest technology companies in the world. The former was the real technical genius who endeavored to create the first computer whereas the latter made advertisements and was involved in the marketing of the first computer. In the summer of 1976, the first computer named apple I was created. By either luck or intensive marketing, it was sold to the Byte Shop which was the premier retail customer chain in the world. The remarkable feat is that the two were able to successfully build and sell all of the first 50 computers that they made in that first summer in operation. The official incorporation of the company occurred on January 3rd in 1977. This gave the two partners the motivation they required and in that year, they started working on the Apple II but this time with the help of some of their friends who were technically-savvy. The company image was born out of Job’s passion for computers which led to him consulting with the then retired Intel Corporation’s marketing manager, Michael Markkula who even bought a third of the company for $250,000. As the business grew, the three partners thought it prudent to appoint Michael Scott as their CEO and the first president. However, before the launch of the Apple two, it was decided that the company update its image. This led to the involvement of Robert Janoff. The design that he designed is still in use even up to today. The art director states that the only direction that he got from Steve Jobs was that he should not attempt to make the design sweet (Razl 2009). The Apple II and its antecedent the Apple I were very great successes for the company. This prompted them to start working on the Apple III. This project was the first failure for the company and it sparked a protracted battle between Scott and Jobs. This escalated when Scott unanimously, without consulting the board of directors, to sack 40 employees. This action led to his demotion to vice chairman with Jobs assuming the mantle of chairman. Markkula assumed the position of CEO and this led to Scott’s resignation in 1981. Although the tension within the company continued to escalate, the Apple Lisa was to be developed using a new Graphic User Interface (GUI) (Bellis 2009). Jobs were the brainchild behind this development after a visit to the Xerox Company and it is no wonder that the computer was named after his oldest daughter. Xerox seemed oblivious to the potential that this technology had and although they were using it in their products, they did not consider it as being viable to be used in personal computers. Jobs as the lead designer of the Lisa continued to test consumer reaction while continuously improving the interface. Markkula, being impatient with this maneuver relieved Jobs of his role as the lead designer which in turn led him to being demoted and subsequently, John Sculley was hired as the new CEO. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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