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System and Operation Management - Assignment Example

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System operations and management evaluation and Analysis Atakowa Insert Name Task Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Executive summary 2 Introduction 3 History of the Company 3 Purpose of the report 4 Hierarchy of management in Atokowa organization 5 Performance of the Organization 6 Operations of the Organization 7 Store Management 8 Issues in operating with ASIS 9 Customer service a Problem 10 Ware housing issues 10 Recommendations for Change 11 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 14 Ramsborg, G.C…
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System and Operation Management
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Download file to see previous pages This company started with photocopying services and then moved to printing services, which motivate its development until currently. The performance of the selling points has been up to date although with some few setback here and there. This paper highlights the setbacks and provides insights on the areas where the company has shown good performance. It also looks deeply at some of the problems the company is experiencing and provides strategy for making changes in the organization. First, the history of the organization tells much more about the company structure and how it developed from a very low status to become a reckoned organization in the entire Europe region. Introduction History of the Company Atokowa is an organization that deals within the office supply industry within the Australian region. The company sells several items that are used in offices. For instance, the organization deals with selling office furniture, printing and paper. Initially they sold printed fliers, business cards among other office equipments. The company started from a humble background when Lachlan bought his first photocopying Xerox 914 machine in Sydney and started photocopying services in his garage in the year 1964 (Gomez-Mejia, David and Robert 2008). The organization started expanding in through printing and reproducing several copies for different companies. Atokowa tremendously grew in 1970 when Lachlan bought a retail outlet thus expanding his services to include printing services. This enabled him to develop a high reputation in service delivery providing the organization a better environment for growth and development. Additionally, the company gained a good picture when the owner decided to make it as a one point for selling and buying and further coming up with decisions for identifying and setting up new shops in different areas of Europe at large. The organization got its name from the original owner as he felt that this was the right name for it (Kotter, John & Dan 2002). Lachlin wanted to retire early from business activities and let eldest son Jonathan Atokowa run the business in the year 1983 (Gomez-Mejia, David and Robert 2008). It is during this period that Jonathan Atokowa became more focused on technological improvement of the company. He introduced the selling of Commodore 64 together with IBN PC 5100 that was the highest technology during that period. Jonathan has continually followed his father’s footsteps for developing the organization through involving in selling of various technological equipments in its different selling points in the Australia. Regional outlets that sell under Atokowa name are found in areas like Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle and Brisbane regions. The picture below indicates all retail regions that enjoy services from the organization. Purpose of the report Business operations require that customers get their services to the fullest. This is quite challenging in some cases where the organization has many outlets that serve many customers. The company that applauds best services for its customers has the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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