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Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Problem in California - Essay Example

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In the paper “Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Problem in California” the author analyzes the main environmental problem in California: water shortages and droughts. He states that a good economy will be able to get ahead of the draught and ensure that the lifestyles of the people are well advanced…
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Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Problem in California
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Extract of sample "Environmental Economics: Evaluating the Problem in California"

Download file to see previous pages The economy plays a vital role with regards to the environment in this area. This is because of the standards and regulations imposed in the area about the usage of the water. This will ensure that the money used will instead develop other aspects of the country rather than use it trying to buy more water for the people of the country. The resources available are not enough to be used in the acquiring of more water for the citizens and, as a result, they have to cut down on the amount of water used. On the other hand, the economy will realty improve on the basis of the great performance of the wineries. The money earned by the wineries through imports and exports will lead to the stabilizing of the economy of California. This way, the government may, therefore, be at an advantage over the draught and will be able to use the available finances to manage the situation without having to cut down on the amount of water being used. A good economy will be able to get ahead of the draught and ensure that the lifestyles of the people are well advanced. It will also ensure that the farming sector of other crops is improved for the good of the nation as a whole.
Evaluating the problem in California, it seems that the problem is trying to be put under control. Here, the main problem is the draught that has curbed this whole area. Cutting down on the water usage will ensure equal and somewhat sufficient distribution around he country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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