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Economic and Environmental Advantage through sustainable Real Estate Development - Thesis Example

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Earth in its initial days was all among chaos; extreme temperature, strong wind, gigantic waves, landslides and volcanic eruptions were tearing it apart. However, as time passed the environment became much more tranquil and that eventually gave birth to life on earth. In initial…
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Economic and Environmental Advantage through sustainable Real Estate Development
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Extract of sample "Economic and Environmental Advantage through sustainable Real Estate Development"

Download file to see previous pages As human beings were created on earth as the prime form of living specie their actions towards their survival started to effect the earth’s environment. The actions of the human species are collectively known as anthropocentric movements. In its initial days of survival the actions of human beings were environment benign, as they opted to live by initially through hunting, then through grazing and after that through cultivating. Though all these specially cultivation did put pressure on the environment mainly through cutting of trees in order to extract more cultivable lands to support the ever growing population but it was nothing in comparison to what did actually happen after industrial revolution. Industrial revolution initiated an unprecedented level of deforestation towards clearing of areas for industrial setups and to provide more and more wood as fuel to the industries as well as a raw material for industrial, commercial and residential setup. After the initiation of the industrial revolution miles after miles of land were cleared of through cutting of trees and buildings either for industries, office or residence were set up. Unlike the rural buildings that were mostly made up of materials taken from the environment1; these buildings were made out of concrete and other man made materials that are far more durable but had a tendency to heat up the surrounding environment and initiate other environmental maladies.
The industrial revolution also started migration from village to towns and cities in search of jobs in industries. Urbanization led to congestion in cities through increased numbers of un-zoned buildings, too high of a person to room ratio and to a biomass that was far from the permissible level on a given piece of land. Commercialization of agriculture; lead to the shifting of technology from conventional environment friendly to energy intensive and chemical prone farming2. Apart from deforestation, and its associated environmental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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