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What makes a property sustainable and how could we increase the percentage of the building stock that is sustainable - Essay Example

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A larger percentage of resources and consumption of energy is majorly affected by the property development hence the need for sustainable…
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Extract of sample "What makes a property sustainable and how could we increase the percentage of the building stock that is sustainable"

Download file to see previous pages This calls for efficiency in technology supply and change in lifestyles in managing the type and resources present in a country. The usage of resources further depends on the environmental awareness, learning experiences, the value and availability of the resource, type of household and normative pressure. Property sustainability is affected by product manufacturing and assembly, building structure, maintenance system, waste disposition, material extraction, and replacement (Bulg, Leimgruber, Huni and Scholz 2009).
The 2008 financial crisis that hit the world led to weakening of the housing markets and vulnerable populations, and this called for planners to redesign programs that promote sustainable home ownership. The move helped to lower risks, protect the environment while assuring robust returns to investors as they are less prone to shortfalls in returns. The major concern is usually technology, ecology and green performance. This implies that social infrastructure should be able to satisfy the present generation while posing no threat to the future generation. Thus, sustainable property should enable human systems in realizing their capabilities without posing any social inequality (Lorenz and Lutzkendorf 2005). The increase in carbon dioxide emissions is propelled by the energy used by people in heating, lighting and running the daily activities. Given that these emissions pose a serious and adverse effect on the climate change, an effective remedy to this menace needs to be developed. In this effect, initiatives that ensure that homes minimize the use of energy through building of sustainable property help to combat the emissions.
Facilitated by the Sustainable Home Code, planners have introduced the buildings are constructed upon codes that enhance a greener way of living thus benefiting the society at large. There has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Makes a Property Sustainable and How Could We Increase the Essay - 1.
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