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Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts - Term Paper Example

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The author compares and contrasts the role and significance of intense psychological states in Romantic texts Byron’s Childe Harold's "Pilgrimage Canto III", William Wordsworth’s "There was a Boy" and William Cowper’s "Hymn 48: Joy and peace in believing". …
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Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts
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Extract of sample "Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts"

Download file to see previous pages The passion and the feeling that the persona signifies amplifies to what emotions a reader derives from a particular text. It is the transcendence of that intensity that influences the elucidation from an art form to its audience. In the same way that a mass of people is moving into action only by rousing their feelings, it is in sharing emotions that a text captures its reader. There must be established a sense of commonality in order to share the sentiments. Because a poem, story, painting or any other text could not hope its reader to share an emotion it does not contain. Anger induces anger, hope conjures hope, and love begets love. An intense psychological state is the transference of a feeling and an idea in a particular situation so that its meaning translates and accomplishes what it sets forth to do. Lord Byron’s Childe Harolds Pilgrimage Canto III, William Wordsworth’s There was a Boy and William Cowper’s Hymn 48: Joy and peace in believing although, of different general themes and presentation, all denote intense emotional experiences through their personas.

Harold in Canto III represents a desolate man who has gone through the rigors of life and has found very little happiness in the years that had passed him. There remains a glimmer of hope which embodies the human spirit though not at all too optimistic of what the future holds or what the past had imparted upon him. The rose-tinted glasses had vanished and there remains the man who has been left world-weary but determined to push through whatever life lays before him. “His had been quaffed too quickly, and he found/ The dregs were wormwood: but he filled again,” (stanza 9, lines 73-74). The stanza talks about all the past experiences that have defined him as what he has come to be and at the same time has been holding him back. It represents the persona in metaphorical shackles that binds him wherever he goes. Life has filled him fast and though it may have been bitter, he keeps on drinking the same experiences. The intense psychological state of Harold is important in understanding his voyage and all that he is going through. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts Term Paper, n.d.)
Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts Term Paper.
(Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts Term Paper)
Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts Term Paper.
“Significance of Intense Psychological States in Romantic Texts Term Paper”.
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