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10 Answers about African American Literature - Assignment Example

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The "10 Answers about African American Literature" paper contains 10 short answers and 2 essays about African American literature which is prominent for stories of slavery and oppression as it has been embedded in the culture and history of African Americans…
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10 Answers about African American Literature
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Extract of sample "10 Answers about African American Literature"

Download file to see previous pages This sentence describes where Linda gets her strength and hopes in achieving her freedom. Her hopes came once again from hearing her father’s voice as she passed through the old meeting house. Bringing this picture up in this part of the story actually emphasizes the soft voices of those who have been enslaved before, that these people did not put down their plans and hopes for freedom even until their death. That is why in this scenario, the whispers of his father’s voice are very effective for her renewed hopes.

2. “The calm, deliberate composure with which he spoke of his late deeds and intentions, the expression of his fiendlike face when excited by enthusiasm, still bearing the stains of the blood of helpless innocence about him; clothes with rags and covered with chains; yet daring to raise his manacled hands to heaven, with a spirit soaring above the attributes of a man; I looked on him and my blood curled in my veins.”

This describes how even in the face of death, there is still pride and that sense of being a free man despite the chains that tied a slave or a prisoner to the ground. This clearly indicates that no one can really take away the soul of freedom from a person. However, because of the need for survival one cannot also take away the fact that people can and may use being imprisoned as a means of survival.

3. “I now understand what to me had been a most perplexing difficulty – to wit, the white man’s power to enslave the black man. It was a grand achievement, and I prized it highly. From that moment, I understand the pathway from slavery to freedom.”

This indicates that there is learning and there is a realization for men on how it means to be free and how it is to gain that freedom. Its significance lies in the moment of knowing what it takes to be free, not only just in thought but also in one’s actions. It also emphasizes that knowing how the whites enslave the blacks would allow one to understand and know how blacks can be free of that enslaver. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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10 Answers about African American Literature Assignment.
(10 Answers about African American Literature Assignment)
10 Answers about African American Literature Assignment.
“10 Answers about African American Literature Assignment”.
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