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Barry Humphries and Patrick White - Essay Example

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In the paper “Barry Humphries and Patrick White” the author discusses two notable individuals who contributed to Australian theatre – Patrick Victor Martindale White and Barry Humphries. John Barry Humphries is a satirist, a character actor and a comedian. His best-known roles are Dame Edna Everage…
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Barry Humphries and Patrick White
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Extract of sample "Barry Humphries and Patrick White"

Download file to see previous pages Barry Humphries was born on 17 February 1934 in Melbourne, Australia. He is a noted Australian actor and comedian. Humphries nickname was ‘Bazza’. Other than acting Barry Humphries also wrote comic strips. His comic strip Barry McKenzie about Australian living in London appeared in the magazine Private Eye. His nickname Bazza gave Australian slang wide distribution, particularly jokes on drinking and its results, much of which was created by Humphries himself.  Barry Humphries was born on 17 February 1934 in Melbourne, Australia. He is a noted Australian actor and comedian. Humphries nickname was ‘Bazza’. Other than acting Barry Humphries also wrote comic strips. His comic strip Barry McKenzie about Australian living in London appeared in the magazine Private Eye. His nickname Bazza gave Australian slang wide distribution, particularly jokes on drinking and its results, much of which was created by Humphries himself.  
His childhood set the stage for his eventual career of an actor. Barry’s father spent little time with him so he spent a lot of his time playing disguise in his backyard. His parent called him Sunny Sam. During his teens, he began to go against the constraints of conservative suburban life and became artistic. 
When he was nine Humphries’ mother gave all his books to the Salvation Army.  This event led him to become a collector of rare books, a reader, a theatre fan and a painter. He dressed in a black cloak and black homburg and invented his first character, "Dr. Aaron Azimuth”.
Barry was educated at Camberwell Grammar School. He was also sent to Melbourne Grammar School where he matriculated with excellent results in Art and English. Later he spent two years studying law, fine arts, and philosophy at the University of Melbourne. During this time he became a part of Dada, the deconstructive and absurdist art movement. The Dadaist performances and pranks have become a part of Australian folklore. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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