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Patrick Geddes and his Regional Planning Theory - Essay Example

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Patrick Geddes was born from humble parents in October 2, 1854. The youngest of five children, his father was Alexander Geddes, an ordinary soldier and his mother Janet Stevenson. They lived in the quiet town of Ballanter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland for three years and later moved to Perth.
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Patrick Geddes and his Regional Planning Theory
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Download file to see previous pages He left for Mexico on a scientific expedition, and there he a condition that caused his temporary blindness. With this situation, he was unable to use the microscope which he used for his studies and experiments. This has made him turn his studies outward: bigger creatures like man. He conveyed varied intellectual and practical causes; he was a lecturer of Botany in Edinburg University and there he campaigned of reforms.
In 1886, Patrick married Anna Morton, a musician, and together, they put up the Edinburg Social Union. By personal example, they worked hard to improve their residence along Royal Mile. He worked as professor of Botany at University College, Dundee. Among his many accomplishments at that time was the establishment of the first summer school in Europe; put up the world's premier social laboratory, later dubbed as the "Outlook Tower". It is also in this same time frame when he started to concentrate on planning ideas/concepts. He also was able to publish a book "Evolution of Sex" with his student Arthur Thompson as his co-author.
In 1897, Patrick and Anna went to Cyprus on a 'mission'. They started reclaiming agricultural lands and started rural dwellings. In 1899, he was on a series of lecture in the United States of America. During this time, he was moving to preserve "Rue des Nations" as a museum institute. From the period of 1914 to almost a decade, Patrick Geddes was traveling to India and Palestine, scrutinized and assessed Indian Urban Areas; one of his most treasured formula is the PWF:FWP formula which stand for
In 1924, Geddes returned to Europe because of an illness but on the way to France, he made an unbelievable recuperation and was soon back to work building small outlook towers. Weeks before his death in April 17, 1932, he accepted a knighthood. In his lifetime, Patrick Geddes has various books touching about all topics possible: politics, literature, agriculture, history, geology, gardening, education, geography, travel, housing, public health, music, philosophy, religion, and even poetry!
Regional planning is the effective program of land use activities, infrastructure and settlement expansion over an individual city or town area. It is the facility to properly design areas to maximize its economic, social and environmental use and sustainability.
It is therefore a process of planning for the improvement of urban areas, residential settlements, positioning of economic/trade centers, leisure and aesthetic areas that will more or less assure the safety, health and physical consideration of the dwellers. It is also concerned with the transportation and communication, its availability and accessibility to further push forward the socio-economic growth of the town/city.
Principles of Regional Planning:
Specific interventions and solutions will depend entirely on the needs of each region in each country, but generally speaking, regional planning at the macro level will seek to:
Resist development in flood plains or along earthquake faults. These areas may be utilised as parks, or unimproved farmland.
Designate transportation corridors using hubs and spokes and considering major new infrastructure
Some thought into the various 'role's settlements in the region may play, for example some may be administrative, with others based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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