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Management and Organisations in a Global Environment - Assignment Example

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The paper “Management and Organisations in a Global Environment” seeks to evaluate the three approaches on which managerial decision making can be based. They are: a) Rationality, b) Bounded Rationality and c) Intuition. The introduction of a carbon tax in Australia would affect a variety of groups…
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Management and Organisations in a Global Environment
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Download file to see previous pages The Rational Approach, which seems to be favoured by Prof Randall, is based on the assumption that the problem and the preferences are clear and that there are no constraints in establishing alternatives; b) The Bounded Rationality is based on similar process with the Rational Approach, with the following exception: In the context of Bounded Rationality, the performance of the decision-making process is related to the ability of the individual ‘to process information’ (Lecture Notes, Slide 5, p.3); c) Intuition is based on the experience of the individual in regard to the issue involved; at the same time, the cognitive skills of individual can affect the decision-making process when it is based on Intuition.
The introduction of a carbon tax in Australia would affect a variety of groups, including a) local population; since carbon tax will be incorporated in the taxes paid by vehicle – users it is expected that the cost of using a vehicle in Australia will be increased. This fact will negatively affect the financial status of vehicle – users across Australia, b) entrepreneurs; the carbon tax will increase the operational costs of businesses in all industries, c) foreign investors; the introduction of a new tax would possibly keep away foreign investors that would be interested in investing in Australia; d) economy; the new tax would decrease the average income of people in Australia, leading to the decrease of GDP, even in the long term; e) government; the new tax would harm the image of the country’s government, leading to the decrease of the population’s trust to the governmental decisions. The Multi-Advocacy process could have been used for developing such a decision in the following way: the specific process is based on the idea that any decision made is based on an extensive bargaining process (Mintz and DeRouen 48).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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