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Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick - Essay Example

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Public relations refers to the management function which is responsible for studying public attitudes, identifying the procedures and policies of an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes actions to earn public acceptance and understanding.tanding…
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Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick
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Extract of sample "Gatwick Airport and Rabbit: Talk to Gatwick"

Download file to see previous pages Rabbit was given the responsibility of coming up with a holistic programme that would bring in different social networks and online tools. One of such would be a round the clock twitter support. This was due to the realization that limiting twitter communication to office hours will limit the effectiveness of its use to communicate with the customers (Duhe?, 2007: 78). This is especially because Gatwick operates on a 24 hours daily basis. There was a training programming that was aimed at training the operating staff on using twitter. The airport also displayed messages on the information screens persuading their passengers to twit Gatwick. The airport has multiple restaurants, retailers, and other facilities like lounges in the terminal. This made the senior management team to think of a way in which the customers will be able give instant feedback through their notebooks, laptops, or Smartphones while at the airport. This has led to the decision to link in with the already existing location review service Qype. They built Qype’s API in the restaurant and retailer sections of the airport website. The result of this is that everyone who logs into the website will be able to see other people’s opinion on these sections of the airport. Messages were put on the information screens inviting passengers to review restaurants and retailers via Qype on their cell phones. The airport also uses a PR and travel blogger outreach campaign to convince their customers to give their feedback while at the airport regardless of the nature (Phillips, & Young, 2009: 87). The company then uses the client review as actionable intelligence. Research refers to the process of collection, analysis and interpretation of data and...
The airport management might also consider coming up with a system which can allow constant notification of passengers on activities in the airport through their smartphones or social networks. The notifications should probably begin immediately the consumer show interests in their services through the social media or any other online tool. This way the customers will be able to get information on things like fare discount instantly without having to log on to the business’ website or visiting any of their social media accounts. The changes are likely to bring a more inclusive result as opposed to the results that were achieved. The main tactic of the company was to lure investor to invest in the company by convincing them that the company was a profitable one. This would only be possible by increasing their market shares. Being the eighth biggest airport in Europe much was expected from such an airport. The extension of the number of online tools used in improving public relation will mean that they are able to reach out to a larger section of the public. This being the case they are most likely to attract more travelers as compared to before this campaign. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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