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The future of London Heathrow Airport - Literature review Example

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Terminals of Heathrow airport are linked by the underground passageways as well as people-mover sidewalks. Except the Delta airline, all other USA airlines use the Heathrow airport. Heathrow…
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The future of London Heathrow Airport
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Extract of sample "The future of London Heathrow Airport"

Download file to see previous pages Development of the motorway network and railway network increased accessibility of London to rest of cities of the country (Rodrigue 2013). London was made the focus for of all these networks. London became the main focus for international air travellers during the days of the war. London was surrounded by four airports, and Heathrow alone was used for handling of two thirds of air traffic. In times of rapid growth in 1960s transport planners reached a new approach of transport planning. Proposal was the expansion of Stansted airport, but due to strong opposition from people this plan was left uncompleted. Both, government and GLC, have supported the trends of transport planning, which have been not only considered inevitable but also desirable (Adams 1981).
Atkin et al., (2009) focused on the departure system of the London Heathrow airport and founded that if the delay time for the aircraft awaiting take-off and running engines would result into a less usage of fuel as well as pollution benefits. They pointed out various constraints, applied to take off the schedules. Some physical changes at the airport can eliminate the impacts of constraints and increase the capacity for departure systems.
Heathrow airport completed the 5th terminal in 2008 and second phase in year 2011. Expansion of airport too encompassed the refurbishment of terminals such as terminal 1, 3 and 4. A new air control traffic tower and terminal 5 stations were installed. Expansion also included the tunnels for the extension of Piccadilly line, Heathrow express and spur road from the M25. Air control tower was installed on the Heathrow airport in 2007, which presented the unobstructed view (Kable Intelligence System 2014). Cecil (2013) reported that Heathrow would be the fourth runway with a million of flights in a year. Expansion of Heathrow airport would result into a leading aviation Hub of Europe. However, development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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