Strength and weaknesses of Patrick Studarts, Framing of NAFTA - Essay Example

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NAFTA In the public sphere is an essay that attempts to discuss how NAFTA has been framed since its introduction by the administrators, the media and political blocks. NAFTA stands for North America Free Trade movement. …
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Strength and weaknesses of Patrick Studarts, Framing of NAFTA
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Strength and weaknesses of Patrick Studart’s, “Framing of NAFTA.” Introduction NAFTA In the public sphere is an essay that attempts to discuss how NAFTA has been framed since its introduction by the administrators, the media and political blocks. NAFTA stands for North America Free Trade movement. This paper will, however, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the essay the framing of NAFTA by Patrick Studart’s. From the start of the essay, the writer seems to be sure of what he is researching on. The researcher clearly states the point of concern in the thesis sentence after the introductory paragraph, how NAFTA has been framed since its introduction. The researcher has carried out an extensive research on NAFTA, found out what it is all about and thus decided to carry out the research. The researcher gives a clear reason why this research is necessary stating that it will help in illegal process that was involved in the implementation of NAFTA, thus justifying the research (Taylor). Through giving of the rationale, the researcher captures the reader’s attention, by stating a number of reasons. This helps in maintaining the reader attention to the main reason for the research. The main objectives come out clearly. For instance, the main objective is to find out how NAFTA has been framed from the onset. Through sighting of the advantages and disadvantages of the paper, the researcher gives more information on the topic of study. The importance of NAFTA is brought out thus educating the reader on issues they did not know. Issues that were not discussed in the introduction are brought out as the research proceeds. This research was crucial in that through it people are made aware of the cautions to take when making trade agreements. It brings about awareness. It is an educative paper since, even though the researcher has an issue to tackle, more details come out of the research. The paper also acts an eye opener to not only the reader but also the authorities. The researcher clearly states that it is essential to include the public on vital issues of the country or the nation. Through involving the public better decisions are achieved that would impact positively rather than a negative impact on a nation. The paper also gives the reader knowledge on general issues like research ethics. The researcher sight some importance of being sure of what one is researching on, thus educative. Despite all these strengths on the research, there are also a number of weaknesses that have been noticed from the research. For example, the researcher does not seem to have assumption or hypotheses of the research. A researcher always has a prediction of what they might find out from the paper, but in this case, the researcher did not have any assumptions. Secondly, the objective of carrying out the study has not been clearly sighted. The reader is forced to read between the lines, to find the objectives of the researcher. The objectives normally follow the research question, but in this case, the objectives are not clearly outlined. The researcher appears to have forgotten to answer the research question at the end of the essay. Even after the analysis, the researcher does not give the result of the research. The research seems to end at the analysis stage, and the reader is left to find out the result from the analysis. The researcher should have outlined the results of the research separately after the analysis and should have made a conclusion on the research one (Taylor). It is a rule on a research paper for the researcher to ask for permission of the authorities and the subjects who will take part in the research paper, before carrying out the research. Though the researcher of this paper ensured putting that into consideration, that information should have appeared at the start of the research, not at the end of the paper. The researcher carries out the research and analyses of the data, but does not tell us the method they used to carry out the research till the end of the paper. This is not appropriate since the rules of writing a research paper suggest that methodology should come before analysis of the data (Taylor 23). Though the paper was necessary to both the public and the government, the researcher seemed to have ignored fundamental ethics of witting a research paper. The content was appropriate, and even the results were valid, but the format was not fully followed. However, the researcher also managed to follow some fundamental rules of research like asking for permission from authority before carrying out the research and ensuring confidentiality on the participants in the research (Taylor 9). Conclusion The strengths of the research paper were greater than the weaknesses. The paper was beneficial since it was an eye opener. The information contained in the paper will help improve other future agreements, by helping people learn from the success and failures of NAFTA. Works Cited Taylor, S and Bogdan, R. Introduction to research . London: John Wiley and sons, 1975.Print Read More
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Strength and Weaknesses of Patrick Studarts, Framing of NAFTA Essay.
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