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Strength and Weakness of Organization - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Strength and Weakness of Organization " demonstrates that one of the major strengths of my organization is that it has a clear mission statement. The management of the Passaic Court House has in place a charter that describes the mission of the organization. …
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Strength and Weakness of Organization
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Extract of sample "Strength and Weakness of Organization"

One weakness of the organization is its lack of a unified authority. The courthouse has different departments in which each department having its own superior officer who reports to a different authority. For instance, the office of the prosecutor has attorneys who report to the chief justice, while the police officers stationed at the courthouse report to their superiors at the police stations.
The clerks operating at the courthouse are under a senior clerk, who then reports to the chief administrative officer. This makes the employees of the organization have mixed loyalty, affecting the efficiency in which they conduct their duties (Zhu, 36). To correct this, the organization needs to enact a system whereby there will be an overall officer in charge of the courthouse, and any officer employed or working at the courthouse, must report to him/her.
SWOT analysis involves a process of identifying areas where an organization is weak, and also strong (SWOT Analysis For Creative Services, 4). It identifies the opportunities the organization has and the threats that the organization faces. In conducting a SWOT analysis, the first step is to collect information about the company and the particular aspect of the analysis. An individual can use primary and secondary methodologies in collecting information.
For instance, an individual will identify and list the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization. During this process of collecting data, it is important for an individual to ask questions that touch on the organization.
The next process is to prepare a plan of action that outlines measures an organization needs to take in order to strengthen its operations (SWOT Analysis For Creative Services, 6). For example, one of the major weaknesses of an organization is the lack of qualified staff who have the capability of providing professional services. A plan of action will outline the measures needed to recruit the best staff for a vacant position, or train the existing staff, so that their skills may match the jobs they are doing.
Question Number Three:
The Information contained in my weekly journal is grouped into three categories;
1. The Challenges I encountered while on internship.
2. My Relationship with Others
3. The Lessons learned during the period of internship.
For instance, during weeks 1 to 5, the challenges encountered are,
1. Poor communication tendencies between myself and colleagues. This was during weeks 1, 3, and 4.
2. Lack of adequate supervision during my second week of internship.
3. Playing the role of a mediator amongst my colleagues when a conflicting situation arose.
Journal also contains the relationship I had with my work colleagues. It highlights the different areas in which there was a collaboration, and circumstances when there was conflict. In a situation of conflicts, the journal highlights how the conflict was solved. For instance, the journal captures a conflict that arose between me and the secretary of my supervisor, during my first week of internship.
It also explains how the conflict was resolved. The journal also captures instances when there was a collaboration between myself and fellow employees, especially my supervisor. It explains how the relationship was natured. It also explains the different opportunities that enabled me to engage with my coworkers.
For instance, sports activities during week three enabled me to create a rapport with senior members of the courthouse. Finally, the journal contains the lessons learned during each week of my internship. It identifies the specific lesson learned and its contribution to making me understand the fundamentals of the organization in which I am working for. Read More
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