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'Explain and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Full Range Model' - Essay Example

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The effectiveness of leadership in business organizations is reflected through the ways the processes of transformation occur in the members such that changes can be implemented for the betterment of the business. The Full Range Model of leadership provides a complete framework…
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Explain and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Full Range Model
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Extract of sample "'Explain and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Full Range Model'"

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Full Range Model Introduction: The effectiveness of leadership in business organizations is reflected through the ways the processes of transformation occur in the members such that changes can be implemented for the betterment of the business. The Full Range Model of leadership provides a complete framework for such transformational processes in business organizations (Michael Murray and Associates Pty Ltd 2013).
Full Range Leadership Model: Elements, Strengths and Weaknesses:
The three components that form the framework of the full range model are: laissez-faire, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership. Laissez-faire is non-transactional in nature and does not use any particular style for solving of problems. In transactional leadership, management-by-exception and contingent rewards are followed, where work and performance objectives are set and deviations are also allowed depending on the needs of the businesses. Contingent rewards are also provided as a measure of feedback over the performance of the organizational members. In transformational leadership, the dependency of the leaders is on consideration of the individuals, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, idealized influence (Gill 2006).
The full range model considers all these models together in order to provide a business organization with the comprehensive model for effective leadership within organizations. However, the strengths and weaknesses of the full range model arise from the internal and external factors that influence the transactional and transformational leadership frameworks. The strengths of the full range model include the positive performances being reflected by organizational members oriented towards achieving success for the organization. The learning organizations concept has been improved more in the present times, thus transformational leadership can be significantly accepted by members. However, the weakness arises since the correlation of the transformational leadership with the transactional leadership that involved management by exception (Coad and Berry 1998).
Another major strength associated with transformational leadership is that in the present times, interpersonal trust within organizations has gained significance and leaders are expected to play the major role in developing such trust for sustenance and effectiveness of the businesses. However the challenges of the leaders arise with the highly individualistic nature of the members where the trust needs to be earned (Gillespie and Mann 2004). Personality has been strongly associated with transformational leaders. It has been obtained that transformational leaders are much more creative in nature. However, the weaknesses lie in the fact that differences in personality strongly affect the self-estimation along with the evaluations carries out by others in concern with interpretation of leadership activities (Hautala 2006).
Also, the weakness of the model arises with the presence of different groups of managers who may be either caring or uncaring in nature, depending on which the success of the organization would be achieved (Oshagbemi and Ocholi 2006). Transformational leadership has enabled better understanding of the employees and organizational behavior and hence better organizational performance, in the present times. However, weaknesses include conceptual issues like the differences between transformational and transactional leaderships, the need for better formation of concepts, and associated factors (Pawar 2003). Moreover there are external factors like the business environment, technological challenges, globalization, and competition that may prove to be causes of great weakness for an organization if the members are not able to accept the positive features of such a model (Beugre, Acar and Braun 2006).
From the study, it can thus be concluded that although the full range model has become significant for business organizations in the present times, yet there are both strengths and weaknesses of the model that need to be considered effectively by the leaders to be successful in achieving their business goals.
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