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Death of a Salesman Written by Arthur Miller - Essay Example

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The play "Death of a Salesman" written by Arthur Miller displays the idea of the American dream from different perspectives giving different meanings of it to the reader. It demonstrates a living example of a person whose aspirations and daydreams were ruined and turned out to be false…
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Death of a Salesman Written by Arthur Miller
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Extract of sample "Death of a Salesman Written by Arthur Miller"

Download file to see previous pages But as the result, unsuccessful salesman and unhappy man, Loman, understands that these ideas were nothing more than absurd and false. The main hero Loman evokes the sympathy of the reader even though that his “life is a casting off” and he is not respected by his family either his wife or his children.

Loman’s life experience full of wins and loses, disappointment in people, who never understand him, customers who abuse him and his financial difficulties make us feel sympathy for him. From such point of view, his life, full of misfortunes and his personal sufferings make him look very tragic. By the words of Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher and the first theoretic of tragedies, the tragedy of the heroes should make the spectators feel sympathy and compassion to the main hero. But he also added that at the same time the heroes of the classic tragedy had to be strong personalities who might be even idealized.

Aristotle notes that positive heroes of the tragedy have to be noble and that they are personalities only in case they make noble decisions in the process of the play. The character and his actions have to correspond, there has to be logically observed in his actions and words.

But in Arthur Miller’s play The death of a salesman it’s not clear observed during the whole development of the plot. We observe nothing but a personal tragedy of an elderly man, who is 63 by now and who has quite a lot of personal and financial issues at the age when a usual person commonly uses and enjoys the fruits of his life, of his success and personal realization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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