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What drives Willie Loman and sons Seeing the world through the protagonists eyes - Coursework Example

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The book “Death of a salesman” written by Arthur Miller is a wonderful demonstration of psychological state of people, who made the wrong choice in their life. The content of the story is a good reason to think and reconsider the life values. The story has a tragic end…
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What drives Willie Loman and sons Seeing the world through the protagonists eyes
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"What drives Willie Loman and sons Seeing the world through the protagonists eyes"

Download file to see previous pages Biff considered his family and himself to be the ordinary people, which are not able to achieve the unreal dreams. Both brothers (Biff and Holly) are shown as the people, who do not wait anything special from life, though they possess different characters, as Happy is not involved greatly in the moral principles. The brothers have totally different inner worlds. The death of Willy did not change anything in the mind of his son Holly, he decided to follow his father’s steps and continue to live in the same way, making the same mistakes, while Biff saw the kind of fatuity in the death of his father. He sees it as useless as his own life and decides to live differently. The readers can understand it, when Biff says: “He had the wrong dreams. All, all, wrong!” (). Biff finds out, that during the useless rush for the unreachable dream, his father lost thousands of happy moments of the regular every day life. The theme of the play touches the questions of human self-knowledge and its importance for the life of the individual. The relationships of Biff and his father were never perfect. Biff saw his father as an example until he got disappointed in his actions and behavior. Without any idea of who he was, he tried to live the same life as his father and understood that it was the wrong one, after the numerous troubles and sorrows. He learned the sense of life through his own mistakes, though at the end of the story we cannot say that he found himself. The motivation of the play’s characters is revealed through their reaction on different events. The reaction of Holly on his father’s death gives him strength to continue his path and to show everyone that it was not in vain. Linda seeks freedom as the mean of escaping from numerous debts and achieve stability.
The play possesses a deep philosophical context. The idea of “American Dream” remains the most wanted and needed among the people. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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