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Character Sketch of Helen Keller - Essay Example

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The paper contains a sketch of Helen Keller, a heroic figure who was able to overcome all the hardships in life in order to achieve goals and aims in life. With time, she was able to learn how to read and write, and her character of patience and perseverance made her accomplish her goals. …
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Character Sketch of Helen Keller
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Extract of sample "Character Sketch of Helen Keller"

Character sketch – Helen Keller Her full is Helen Adams Keller, and she was born on 27th June 1880. Her father was captain Arhur while her mother was Kate Adams. This family originated from Switzerland. Unfortunately, Helen Keller was not born blind and deaf, but a mysterious illness resulted to her becoming both blind and deaf. However, she did not allow the illness to depress her and devised some gestures and signs that could allow her communicate with the family members and the friends. She was always an active member of her family and did all the house chores without any assistance. After some time, she became she was frustrated because of her condition. When she was about six years old, her parents found her a special teacher who would help her cope with her condition (Keller, et al.)
Helen Keller is one heroic figure who was able to overcome all the hardships in life in order to achieve goals and aims in life. With time, she was able to learn how to read and write, and her character of patience and perseverance made her accomplish her goals. In addition, her teacher and parents were very supportive. Keller longed to communicate with the world around her, regardless of her inability to hear and speak. She mainly used her brilliant words and concepts to understand the physical world. With her ability to communicate with people, she was able to become a lecturer and at the same time a writer.
She explains her life through some of her writings like one of her book she wrote by the title The Story of My Life. In this book, she expounds on how she was able to cope her status of disabilities to overcome the world challenges. Her character was moulded by the pressure she got from the world since her childhood. This enabled her to learn from every experience she faced in life, which moulded her into the person she later became. Some of the challenges she faced made her become frustrated and at times developed tantrums. In one of her books she explains how the tantrums occurred so frequently that they could even occur hourly.
Some of the instance Helen faces in her makes her describe herself as the only girl who faced such instances in her lifetime. From her book, she writes that, ‘No child ever drank deeper of cup of bitterness.’ (Keller, et al.). She portrays the much pain she goes through that cannot be compared with anyone else’s. Although she receives a lot of assurance from the author of her original story, she is tortured by the reflection of what she writes about.
Helen Keller grew up being a determined person and one who defied some odds in life in order to attain her dreams. She is described as a person who was enthusiastic and sometimes unruly from her young age. However, her strong will power always motivated her to overcome all the negative feedback she received in life. Her only source of knowledge and encouragement was from books since she became blind and deaf. She developed a culture of reading and also liked travelling and staying outdoors. Most of her work depicts this fact. She always appreciated the nature and works of art regardless of her inability to see. Helen Keller is a person to be emulated for her efforts and determination to overcome her shortcomings.
Work Cited
Keller, Helen, Annie Sullivan, John A. Macy, Roger Shattuck, and Dorothy Herrmann. The Story of My Life. New York: Norton, 2003. Print. Read More
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Character Sketch of Helen Keller Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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