The story of my life, Helen Keller - Essay Example

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Her fatherly family descended from Switzerland and settled in Alabama. She remembers her house as a paradise because of her description of…
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The story of my life, Helen Keller
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"The story of my life, Helen Keller"

Download file to see previous pages She had a teacher named as Miss Sullivan who supported her in her learning extensively.
Miss Sullivan not only taught her to spell the words, but also to understand feelings and express them. Her educational years were beautified because of Miss Sullivan’s presence. Her life was never static, but always moving because of her learning attached to her motion. She narrates many incidents of her life that give her different kinds of lessons. She also travelled to many places with Miss Sullivan who was very much interested to facilitate Helen in all kinds of learning. Her vocabulary and learning got enriched because of all the incidents and travelling. She was able to complete her graduation based on her continued learning and support from Miss Sullivan. Although, she faced many difficulties in the way, but achieved at the end. She regarded her books as her friends. She seems happy with her supporters’ efforts in leading her life as a privileged life. She had many deprivations, but was able to achieve because she was made ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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