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American Renaissance - Essay Example

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Understanding the American landscape from social, economic, and political perspectives requires a critical study of the writers who existed between 1830 and 1865. The era birthed an American literature that flowed with a renaissance that espoused American values and ideals. As…
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American Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages The America Renaissance is deemed a busier period for the American nation because of its vibrant history in architecture and the arts. It is an interesting period between 1876 and 1917 that witnessed a renewal of national self-confidence amongst most Americans. Accordingly, a majority believed that US has a link to the Greek democracy hence the issue of Renaissance humanism and elements of Roman law (Hankins 178). However, most issues have converged at attempting to comprehend other equally monumental moments in history. It is because they largely impacted upon the American Renaissance with such profound effect that its repercussions are still felt today.
One of the leading issues was abolition of slave trade in most American states. Slave trade was a serious malaise that affected both the social and political landscape of America. Consequently, successive writers represented this period with clarity, pain, struggle, and determination in order to hasten abolition and free most slaves. On that account, abolition came into being championed by among other writers Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. Therefore, legislation was passed to stop slavery and encouraged the equality of all men (Packer 113). It also ensured that the spread of declaration of rights in different American states to infuse emancipation especially in northern states.
In that line, others forums emerged that encouraged women’ rights such as the Seneca Falls Convention. It often explored issues of civil, social, and religious conditions directly influencing the rights of woman. Organized by the Female Quakers; the meeting was spearheaded by Lucretia Mott, a gifted orator, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Another fierce and dedicated contributor during the convention was Fredrick Douglass who articulated the issues of suffrage resolution and inclusion of women into the society (Stubben 108). A women’s movement, thus, was born thereafter that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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