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But upon a comparison of both the texts in terms of their element of suspense, I can say that “The Cask of Amontillado” scores…
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Writing About Literature:
Download file to see previous pages (Poe, 3) The sense of suspense and intrigue created by the setting is further added on to by the author’s skilful use of language, descriptive passages, enticing situations and characterization. The damp and unpleasant presence of the nitre is conveyed to us by Fortunato’s incessant coughing and reinforced through Montresor’s description of the place. When the two of them walk through the passages, for instance, he says: “The nitre! ...see, it increases. It hangs like moss upon the vaults. We are below the river’s bed. The drops of moisture trickle among the bones. Come, we will go back ere it’s too late.” (Poe, 7) Language thus is used by Poe to create a strong sense of impending catastrophe. Another key feature that has been used to enhance the element of suspense is the foreshadowing technique. This has been implemented through the use of vivid images and descriptive conversations to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere which parallels the story’s plot.
“Hunters in the Snow” is a story which offers a deeper understanding of the human psyche through its portrayal of the three prime characters. Suspense is one of the many devices used in this story. Hostility amongst individuals is reflected in the harsh weather; confusion is created through the angry dialogue between Tub and Kenny; and the sudden shooting that ensues amidst these circumstances sparks off an air of suspense. The suspense thus built-up paves the way for the revelation of the deeper human emotions. The chilling suspense reaches its climax in the final few lines of the story. At the end of the story, Kenny says that he is going to the hospital. But in response to this, the author says “...He was wrong. They had taken a different turn a long way back.” (Wolff, 16) Thus the story does not end in any definite good or bad way. Rather it ends with a dubious tone and a grey shade, and in a way brings the story back to square one. However, the element of suspense, though ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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