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As the paper "The Dream in The Great Gatsby and in Of Mice and Men" outlines, pursuing the dream of wealth and status is an exercise that leads to more failure than success. While there are successes that act as examples, there are more failure stories that are often overlooked…
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The Dream in The Great Gatsby and in Of Mice and Men
Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that Fitzgerald (1995) talks of Gatsby who spends his entire life in pursuit of a goal that ultimately eludes him and is left disappointed. Steinbeck (1993) also talks of George and Lennie who in the long run fail to achieve their dreams. The attempts by the characters to achieve their goals eventually fail. In failing to achieve their goals, the characters are left frustrated and disappointed. The two books present evidence of moral corruption in the pursuit of the dream. Gatsby momentarily achieves his dream using fraud and other illegal means. This is a clear indication of Gatsby being corrupted by the process of achieving his dream (Fitzgerald, 1995). The ranchers gain wealth but instead of spending it on their initial plans, they spend the wealth on immoral acts (Steinbeck, 1993). Both books present us with scenarios in which dreams become the core of moral corruption. In conclusion, both Fitzgerald (1995) and Steinbeck (1993) provide succinct criticisms of the dream. Problems are experienced from pursuit, achieving and living the dream. At any given point there is potential for failure. The dreams are never realized in any of the cases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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