Champions of the World by Maya Angelou and Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan - Assignment Example

In the paper “Champions of the World by Maya Angelou and Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan” the author analyzes the work of two writers, who grew up as a minority group in the American culture. The two authors discuss the experience of being an outcast during different periods…
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Champions of the World by Maya Angelou and Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan
Download file to see previous pages Champions of The World is a story whose setting is in the south, in the 1930s. During this period, American society was marred by racism, which unfortunately was an acceptable practice at the time. The whites considered themselves superior to other minority cultures particularly the African American cultures. Maya’s story is a description of the audience listening to a boxing match and their reaction as they listen to the match. This description and narration portray the magnitude of the importance of this match to the African American community, as winning it would prove a point to the whites, but losing it would mean more doom on them. However, the description does not go in detail to bring out how this boxing match affects her as a person, and what meaning it holds for the audience. She merely describes the audience’s reactions and emotions as they listen to the match. Hence, her work on the “Champions of the World” gives the reader a feeling of nervousness and excitement from the description and narration, although it does not depict whether Maya feels isolated from the dominant culture.
 Fish Cheeks, by Amy Tan, is set in California in the 1960s. Tan, who is Chinese, is ashamed about Chinese culture. Amy Tan develops a crush on a boy by the name Robert and coincidentally her Mother invites the boy’s family over for Christmas. She feels embarrassed by her Chinese Culture when her mother prepares Chinese dishes for the visitors and relatives who came. Amy Tan feels embarrassed because according to her, their culture is inferior to that of the Americans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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