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Maya Angelou - Assignment Example

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The fact that the store was full clearly indicates how important the event that was about to take place in the store was…
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Maya Angelou
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Extract of sample "Maya Angelou"

What details in the opening paragraphs indicate that an event of crucial importance is about to take place? Maya Angelou talks about how the walls of the store were fully occupied and people were still squeezing themselves into the store (Maya 1). The fact that the store was full clearly indicates how important the event that was about to take place in the store was important.
How does Angelou buildup SUSPENSE in her account of the fight? At what point were you able to predict the winner?
Suspense occurs when Angelou writes about how they did not breathe, they did not hope; they waited (Maya 18). The people were staring at the radio in the store waiting to know whether Joe Louis had been knocked down or out. The wait also creates suspense.
Comment on the IRONY in Angelou’s final paragraph
The irony in the final paragraph is that an African American was able to retain his heavyweight title, but a group of Blacks felt it was not safe for them to be out at night. The people were afraid since Joe Louis confirmed they were the toughest people in the world and didn’t sit well with the white people (Maya 28).
What EFFECT does the author’s use of direct quotation have on her narrative?
Maya Angelou’s use of direct quotation makes her narratives seem as if they are happening at that very moment. Angelou observes the reaction of every person as each comment on the match (Maya 17).
OTHER METHODS. Besides narration, Angelou also relies heavily on the method of DESCRIPTION. Analyze how narration depends on description in paragraph 27 alone.
Angelou describes how the people were celebrating the win of Louis, one of their own by drinking coca cola and eating candy as if it was Christmas (Maya 27). Other men and big boys drunk at the back of the store to celebrate the win. This description narrates how the Black people at the store celebrated the boxing match win, thus showing how narration depends on the description.
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Maya Angelou. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings: Champion Of The World. New York:
Bantam Publishers. 1983. Print. Read More
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