Compare Champion of the world (by Angelous) and Fish Cheeks (by Tan) with attention to how *Narration and *description being to life the experience of time and pole - Essay Example

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Maya Angelou and Amy Tan use narration to articulate their perspectives on cultural differences experienced while living in the United States in “Champion of the World” and “Fish Cheeks” respectively. Both authors capture differences by describing their previous…
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Compare Champion of the world (by Angelous) and Fish Cheeks (by Tan) with attention to how *Narration and *description being to life the experience of time and pole
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Extract of sample "Compare Champion of the world (by Angelous) and Fish Cheeks (by Tan) with attention to how *Narration and *description being to life the experience of time and pole"

Download file to see previous pages Angelou’s style of narration and description are better and more effective than Tan’s methods because Angelou’s readers take on a selfless and unbiased perspective of cultural difference in the United States.
Narration. Tan’s narration style reflected her level of maturity, which is adolescent. Tan says she “prayed for this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose” (Tan 1). Evidently, Tan was submissive to peer pressure while at home and school, making it unlikely for her to embrace her heritage. Tan was not proud of her Asian ethnicity since she was focused on gaining Robert’s approval. At the same time, Tan was ashamed of her family’s culture clash. Tan’s family clang on to Asian cultures while residing in a non-Asian country, which she found embarrassing, especially when with her peers.
Description. Tan described her experience as an Asian in a White majority nation from the perspective of a teenager. Tan’s description was highly self-conscious. Tan called her relatives “noisy Chinese relatives who lacked proper American manners” (Tan 1). This culture clash acts as a barrier for Tan to describe her experience with cultural difference positively. From her perspective, the best way to deal with this change was to change in favor of the American culture. However, Tan’s essay included a description of the realization of her teenage ways of thinking, which she delivered swiftly. Tan’s realization of the true value of her true heritage was described in a moving manner. The description of Tan’s realization is in the form of a memory. Tan got a lesson from her mother, which was that the way she handled her culture conflict was wrong. While Tan’s style of narration and description focused more on her personal challenges, and later her mother’s lessons, Angelou’s narration styles and description were simplified and general.
Narration. Angelou revealed her maturity from the beginning through quotes of her thoughts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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