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This paper is aimed at providing a comparative study of stories ‘Champion of the World’ and ‘Fish Cheeks’. In order to frame a comparative analysis of both the stories, the researcher will attempt to comprehend the background of both the stories and their authors…
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Champions of The World and Fish Cheeks
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Extract of sample "Champions of The World and Fish Cheeks"

Download file to see previous pages This small incident also takes a poignant position in the life of the African American within the context of certain space and time finds intensive expression in the story (Angelou 1- 150). On the other hand, “Fish Cheeks” is a narrative of a very small length almost assuming the extent of an anecdote which first appeared ‘‘Seventeen” in the year 1987, a periodical for women and teenage girls. The story is again personal in nature and narrates the experience of the author while growing up in a different community and her story of falling in love with an American hunk who happens to be the minister’s son as well. When the power of narration and description is taken into consideration for both the text in order to express the sense of alienation, it appears to a great extent that Amy Tan within her limited scope of plot is more powerful with her description than the particular chapter from Angelou’s autobiography. Tan describes the emotional insecurity a Chinese girl undergoes when her well mannered American boy friend and their family is being invited at the Christmas party. Tan describes very subtly the parameters of a Chinese locale in America which might seem inferior and the places where it lacks American mannerism and Yankee sophistication, “What would Robert think of our shabby Chinese Christmas? What would he think of our noisy Chinese relatives who lacked proper American manners? What terrible disappointment would he feel upon seeing not a roasted turkey and sweet potatoes but Chinese food?” (Tan, “Fish Cheeks”). Even the shame or the disappointment the minorities can have regarding their physical attributes which makes them identifiable amid the crowd making them...
This research will begin with the statement that the literature which evolved during the colonial and post-colonial period extensively portrayed the world divided into two halves: one consisting of the whites and the other made of non-whites. However, the potent issue which found profound expressions both in a latent and potent ways into the literature of the period is the sense of isolation and staunch feeling of Diasporas of the minority groups posited amid the dominant Anglo culture. If the work of the writers from these minority groups is thoroughly introspected then the theme of isolation, a bizarre and a discrete feeling from the rest of the dominant culture pervades the text, they have yielded. Thematic dissection and a critical analysis of the text like, “Champions of The World” by Maya Angelou and “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan shall launch into a plethora of thought process that extensively deals with the feeling of alienation. The feeling of discrete as an individual from minority group is expressed on the matrix of narration and powerful description of the emotions taking place within the limited scope of time and space. A comparative analysis of the narrative structure of both the text shall therefore enable the readers to infer the strength of emotional paradigm upon which the theme of alienation operated and developed within these two texts. Both the stories tell about the pang and agony of being alienated from the rest of the society in which one grows and works. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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