A Critique on Maya Angelou's 'Woman Work' poem - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay states that The poem was fashioned in a language which characterizes a black female, considering its tone and the manner by which the emotions are conveyed. It has successfully preserved its lyrical tendency…
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A Critique on Maya Angelous Woman Work poem
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A Critique on Maya Angelou's Woman Work poem I chose Woman Work by Maya Angelou for its simplicity yet bearing the effect where I am drawn to empathize with its nature and downright expression of a desire to be freed of her dutiful functioning to land over one that yields her an opposite treatment. Clearly, the speaker and the poets are one and the same person, knowing that Maya Angelou being a mother herself, is a woman who'd been through rough situations in her married life and motherhood (Maya Angelou).

 Also, with the things in the list-to-do order, the poet wants the reader to imagine more how rustic and tough a life is for a single mother or a woman without a reliable partner to depend on. Such is an attribute of a poorly developed society where this case is most usual. Not only does the poem pertain to a traditional mother but also exemplifies a woman who volunteers or has made a chief career out of social works in her poor community. The lines I got the company to feed...the tots to dress, the can be cut, then see about the sick, all attest to that. Similarly, the side of nature which the speaker seeks to attain as a resolution to the initial setting provides a further allusion to her economy. Having mentioned sunshine, rain, dewdrops, storm, sky, mountain, and oceans she can call her own greatly symbolizes a status that hopes for a rather inexpensive means to soften the stress out and build up comfort and peace without having to pay another human service where appropriate, since a mere freedom to experience such wonders of nature is free of charge.

The natural sensibility brought by this attitude makes the poetic content literal and at the same time figurative for acquiring a good transition between contrasts as the irony begins adapting a normal tone and remains either subtle or neglects to assume much intensity on embracing the opposites. The way it appears as how a reader would perceive its actually being done doesn't tend to have the normal behavior of verbal irony because the intentions, placed at the end, are clear and definite anyway, the statements of which are what they mean exactly as later signified by the poet. In a paradox, the real intentions come out vivid to contradict the former expressions for being imperative or that which encourages a voice of command or call to heed as opposed to the monotonous, declarative start. Read More
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