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This paper "Shakespeare’s Macbeth - Change in Relationship and Tragedy" focuses on the fact that one can see that ambitiousness human beings tend to indulge in unethical deeds. Still, they never admit this because they consider that an unmotivated individual never gains material success…
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Shakespeares Macbeth - Change in Relationship and Tragedy
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Download file to see previous pages The bond between Macbeth and his wife is complex and unpredictable because it changes according to the situation; it accelerates Macbeth’s ambitiousness, converts him into a pitiless murderer, and forces him to face the consequences.
The bond between Macbeth and his wife is complex and unpredictable because the same undergoes change. In the opening, Macbeth is not portrayed as a weak person but as a military leader. But his wife knew that he will not try to change his status from a leader to a king. So, she decided to ignite ambitiousness in him. In the play (say, Act I: Scene V), Lady Macbeth makes clear that “He that’s coming must be provided for: and you shall put This night’s great business into my dispatch;” (15). Still, she was aware that he will not try to assassinate the ruler.
So, one can see that Macbeth was not under his wife’s influence. But Lady Macbeth’s effort to change their fortune forces, Macbeth, to be under her enchantment. She plots the king’s murder and she knows that Macbeth is totally under her control. After this incident, Macbeth totally ignores his wife’s presence and continues his wrong deeds to sustain his status as the king. So, one can see that dependency and self-reliance overlap within the relationship between these characters.
The change in the relationship between the central character (say, Macbeth) and his better half is interconnected with his opinion on authority. To be specific, Macbeth knows that his scope is limited because he does not have any blood relation with the royal family. Besides, he does not possess the courage to act against the king. When Lady Macbeth motivates him, he decides to forget his limitations. So, one can see that Lady Macbeth’s motivation is an important factor that changes the relationship. In the initial stages, Macbeth does try to go beyond the limits of his status as a military leader. In the play (say, Act I, Scene IV), Macbeth opines that “The service and the loyalty I owe, In doing it, pays itself” (12).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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