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Nature of Evil and Imbalance of Nature is Sharespeare's Macbeth - Essay Example

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The tragedy of Macbeth is a renowned play written by William Shakespeare. The story depicts the nature of evil and how a man can destroy himself by giving into temptations that the world portrays in the light of every individual’s eye. This paper considers the main theme that Macbeth follows, which is the nature of evil and destruction…
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Nature of Evil and Imbalance of Nature is Sharespeares Macbeth
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Download file to see previous pages Even though he seems to be the kind who would stick to his stance, he switches positions and gives in to the root of evil and joins the forces of the dark side. Throughout the course of the play, there are various characters trying to show the balance and imbalance between the nature of both good and evil; for example, King Duncan is shown to be a man with good nature who falls prey to the hands of evil; furthermore, Macbeth murders him because his bad side takes over and his desire for obtaining power overpower his morality. However, he later repents his mistake, showing that the nature of evil can be taken aback by letting the good in a man creep back in. Just before Macbeth murders King Duncan, Banquo is preparing to go to bed, and says to his son, "A heavy summons lies like lead upon me, / And yet I would not sleep: merciful powers, / Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature / Gives way to in repose! (2.1.6-9)With time, Macbeth soon takes on the role of an almost mad man, caught within the clutches of pride and ego. He boasts about the kind of power that he has and his achievement of ambition intoxicates him; this is how the evil within him takes over and wants more and more of all the niceties in life. Evil is also present in other features within the story; however the question of whether or not this kind of evil is right, is debatable to a great extent. For example, Macduff and Malcolm are valiant men, placing their best efforts in trying to kill Macbeth in order to rid the world of the tyranny that he was imposing upon them; even though this act of killing Macbeth was evil, the other two were doing it for the greater good. Thus, should it or should it not be considered to be the nature of a good and strong hearted man is upto the...
Even though the play contains a lighter mood of good nature, it is enveloped by feelings of darkness and of despair in order to help the readers and the audience understand the inherent side of Macbeth. With the help of various characters within the play, Shakespeare has been able to rightly portray the story of Macbeth against the backdrop of the nature of evil as well as the imbalances that it brings about within an individual’s life. The play is an excellent example of how the human soul becomes corrupt with time due to desire. Even though evil finds its origin within the human heart, it is quite the opposite of humanity and makes a man deviate from his path.
The story of Macbeth presents a rise and fall in the nature of good and evil; at its inception, it talks about the kind of good that could be done for the betterment of the state as well as the people; however the welfare soon shifts towards the heart and mind of Macbeth personally and he begins to let the evils of life engulf him within itself. Without realising it, he strives to gain more and more power and with time the same power ends up destroying him. Thus, the story tells the readers how evil might seem like the more plausible and attractive option at first, however, it is merely a trap which ends up destroying a man soon enough. Just like a spider’s web is inviting for a fly, and the fly is soon eaten as it gets stuck to the web and finds no way out, every individual gets attracted to the web of material life showcasing fame, money, and power which traps an individual ultimately and lets him find no recourse. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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