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Othello: A Battle of Love and Deception - Research Paper Example

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Name Othello: A Battle of Love and Deception Othello which is a tragedy written by Shakespeare is set in the backdrop of Cyprus during the Venetian-Turkish War. It was one of Shakespeare’s unique writing techniques to show the plot in view of the political and social setup…
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Othello: A Battle of Love and Deception
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Extract of sample "Othello: A Battle of Love and Deception"

Download file to see previous pages When Iago informs him of her secret marriage to Othello, we know what kind of character Iago is. The evil in Iago has nowhere else been so perfectly displayed as it is in Othello. Shakespeare resurrected an animalistic nature of Iago who knows nothing about the world except manipulation of innocent lives and taking pleasure in their grievance. On the other hand, Othello’s work demands more attention. He is physically powerful and respected by everyone around him. But his “free and open nature” which is twisted by Iago, leads him into experiencing the most disparaging jealously towards his own wife who loves him unconditionally in return because of her ingenuousness. Thus, we find love and deception at the heart of this play, in concert with each other to a fatal end. Love has merely become an object of reason for Othello ever since Iago has bewitched his heart against Desdemona. It becomes a psychological barrier for Othello as well as Roderigo who fail to understand how things would get any better. One constantly wonders why Iago would go so far as to kill Othello’s ego only because he places Cassio as his lieutenant. Therefore it becomes highly essential to examine all the lines said by Iago. The audience can judge him as a scoundrel at a glance (Bradley 2007). We find him talking to Roderigo against his master, Othello. He considers Cassio to be careless and proves it through his treachery. Othello could not have appointed a young or inexperienced lieutenant for himself. But Iago thinks otherwise. He is married to an unrefined woman who appears as Desdemona’s servant in the play. He is considered vulgar and he admits that he is fond of speaking bluntly. His humor is satirical and he never takes serious matters, lightly: Men should be what they seem; Or those that be not, would they might seem none! (III.iii.) He is known for his honesty which is the most incongruous trait he possesses. He openly claims his love for Othello but we all know it is not true. He aspires to learn the military science but we all can see that he is not suited for that job. He is a good judge of character but he fails to channelize his quality. He uses Desdemona after Cassio is stripped from his post as a lieutenant (only because of Iago) because he knows that she is too naive to appreciate the intricate plot he is knitting against Othello. While Iago’s success is an acknowledgement of the way an actor can manipulate the audience’s most superficial habits of mind, Iago directly pins them for the audience to show how ‘complex vulnerabilities’ they can create (Kolin 2002). We see the decline of Othello as soon as he demands for explanation of the accusation on Desdemona, from Iago. He places reason above love and he confronts his fate in agony (Weedin 1975). In scene three of the first act we find Iago foreseeing this type of man’s nature and the operation of reason: …Our bodies are our Gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners… (I.iii.) And again, …If the balance of our lives had not one scale of Reason to poise another of sensuality, the blood and baseness Of our natures would conduct us to most preposterous conclusions… (I.iii.) This surely seems to be the kind of reasoning he is going to opt for, throughout the play. Iago uses Roderigo as a medium of consolation, knowing that he is wrought upon by his love for Desdemona. We observe that he still considers it possible to take a chance on his failed love. Iago ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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