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Jealous Nature of Othello - Essay Example

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Client’s Name: Course: 20 April 2012 William Shakespeare is a household name and he has become h9S name because of his exquisite work in literature. Othello is a masterpiece written by Shakespeare and this paper will shed more light upon this tragedy. Othello Jealously is without a doubt one of the strongest emotions, it can completely destroy a relationship…
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Jealous Nature of Othello
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Jealous Nature of Othello

Download file to see previous pages... The seed of jealously can destroy a perfectly healthy relationship and the same happened in Othello. Jealously does not remain jealously, it turns into anger and brutality which leads to unprecedented trouble in a tragedy. Jealous nature of Othello The tragic hero or the protagonist in this tragedy, Othello, suffers from the tragic flaw of jealously in the tragedy. Other characters are well aware that he is a very jealous man and they exploit his weakness to the fullest. Iago is the mastermind in the tragedy who tries to dethrone Othello; he exploits the jealous nature of Othello to turn his people against him. He creates several misunderstandings to put Othello in a fix and he succeeds in doing so on numerous occasions. Othello is very possessive of his wife Desdemona and he often says “My Desdemona” in the tragedy. He believes that he has won her; possessiveness is also a very big sign of jealously. This again goes to show the jealous nature of Othello, a major reason for his downfall was his jealous nature and there are no two ways about it. He is also an extremist and his behavior is also violent in the tragedy at times. He loses his head when the handkerchief goes missing; his impulsive nature leads to his destructions. He is of swaying nature; he thinks that his wife has been unfaithful to him, which again goes to show how other people who he considers his well-wishers can easily influence him. His jealous nature comes to the forefront after the intervention of Iago, before his intervention there are no evidences of his jealous nature. Iago is a very sagacious man in the tragedy, he is astute and extremely manipulative. This powerful emotion of jealously in the tragedy affects Iago, Emilia, Bianca, Roderigo and Othello. They do things that one hardly expects them to do, their persona gets changed after this feeling grips them. The characters find a resolution which differs and they deal with their problem in a different way. They adopt different methods when it comes to dealing with this powerful emotion. Iago is a character who develops jealously from the very first time in the tragedy, as discussed earlier, the jealously quickly transforms into anger and then into revenge against those who he thinks have done wrong. Iago, from the very beginning of the tragedy expresses his jealously towards two main characters namely Cassio and Othello. Cassio becomes the lieutenant in the tragedy and the same makes Iago jealous of him. Iago firmly believed that he was more deserving than Cassio and he should have been made the lieutenant instead of Cassio. Iago was furious with Othello for two reasons; the first one was because Othello promoted Cassio as the lieutenant and the other being his intimate relationship with Emilia. “It is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets / He has done my office.” (Othello, 369-370) Iago is a very insecure character in the tragedy; he decides to take revenge against Othello and Cassio. He said he will only be satisfied after getting his due revenge. “Till I am evend with him, wife for wife, /Or failing so, yet that I put the Moor / At least into a jealousy so strong / That judgment cannot cure.” (Othello, 299-302) Conclusion Othello is a great tragedy; the traits of several important characters have already been discussed in the paper. Iago, Emilia, Bia ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Otherness and the Nature of Jealousy in Othello
Jealousy is an experience that has no sense of reason, no sense of rationality, and often climaxes in a traumatic event that is life altering. Arguments, violence, anguish, and destruction can all come from the rise of jealousy in between two people. In the story of Othello, Shakespeare explores the theme of jealousy for all of its most destructive powers. When Othello kills Desdemona in a fit of rage, he has been shadowed in the worst of the powers of jealousy.
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Though he appears as a man of virtue, these characteristics make him jealous and revengeful. A look into Othello’s character proves that the internal conflicts in him range from Jealousy, insecurity, and hate. In fact, Othello’s jealously against his wife Desdemona is the strongest emotion seen in the play.
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William Shakespeare is one of the most notable play writers of all time. Shakespeare is well known for his works, especially on tragic plays. Some of his notable works include King Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello. Most of Shakespeare’s works were tragic comedies that reflected the things that went on in his society.
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His definition of a tragedy was widely accepted by writers and they tried to match his description, Aristotle wrote in his poetics that the tragic hero must feel excessive pain and he must undergo excessive suffering, he also wrote that not everyone can be a tragic hero.
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Brabanzio’s attitude to women is evident when dealing with his daughter (Shakespeare 24). Brabanzio learns that his daughter and Othello are secretly married when Iago and Rodrigo inform him of his daughter’s disappearance. When Brabanzio is sure that his daughter is missing, he commences a mission to search for Othello with the help of officers.
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He was free and broad-mined and this nature is utilized by Lago to divulge his romantic relationship with his beloved wide Desdemona. On the other hand, Lago is the villain in the play and also is subordinate to Othello .Lago wants to destroy Othello in order to take get promotion in military job.
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Through his ability to survive and his power to recount his adventures, Othello makes himself lovable. He says of his stories, "These things to hear would Desdemona seriously incline" (1.3.144-5) and "She gave me for my pains a world of kisses" (1.3.158).
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ic play, according to some critics, only exhibits that the social composition of that particular period tolerated the undignified treatment of women, handled as mere property, and their lowly status in society in which they fall as victims in the end (Hageman 56). However, a
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