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Othello's Jealousy - Research Paper Example

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His plays are renowned even today for their comedy and tragedy, and no English literature course is considered complete without the study of at least one of Shakespeare’s works. It was not…
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Othellos Jealousy
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Extract of sample "Othello's Jealousy"

Download file to see previous pages Jealousy in particular, was an important emotion in the drama of English Renaissance. As Katharine Maus explains, “In English drama, jealousy dominates the lots of many plays.” (Maus). The story of Othello showcases how jealousy, particularly sexual jealousy is one of the most corrupting and destructive of emotions. The kind of jealousy that was illustrated in Othello has in fact, become a point of study for many. “Othello syndrome is the delusional belief in the infidelity of spouse. Writers such as Shakespeare and Tolstoy describe the natural history of sexual jealousy with singular brilliance and poignancy that help’s understand man’s innate nature better.” (Todd and Dewhurst). It is not merely one but several who have studied what is now an official term, the Othello Syndrome in the discourse of Psychology: “We describe a case of pathologic jealousy (Othello syndrome) in a patient with Parkinson disease” (McNamara). We see then, how important a role jealousy plays in all our lives. It is a disease, both literally and figuratively.
Othello is one of the more renowned plays of Shakespeare. Not only has it been repeatedly and thoroughly studied in academic discourses, it has also been adapted into several screenplays. Othello is the story of a man who, driven with jealousy destroys his own life and the lives of his loved ones. Iago, a trusted friend of Othello, felt envious of Casio’s promotion. He wished to avenge both, Othello and Casio. He found his opportunity by manipulating man’s more base emotions. Iago used Othello’s love for Desdemona to strike them all down. And the beauty of his plan was that he sowed the seeds of jealousy where there was no fertile soil. It was all tricks and imagery. "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss who, certain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Iago’s success in convincing Othello to hate his wife attributes to the male attitudes towards women in the play. In the beginning, Othello appears to trust his wife Desdemona, to the extent of admitting his love for her in the presence of her father, Brabanzio. Brabanzio’s attitude to women is evident when dealing with his daughter (Shakespeare 24). Brabanzio learns that his daughter and Othello are secretly married when Iago and Rodrigo inform him of his daughter’s disappearance. When Brabanzio is sure that his daughter is missing, he commences a mission to search for Othello with the help of officers. Desdemona’s father blames Othello of stealing his daughter through the use of witchcraft before the senate; however, the senate... is...
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...Bloom, Harold, ed. William Shakespeare''s Othello. New York: Chelsea House, (1987); 77, underlines Emilia's and Desdemona's lack of competitiveness,jealousy, and class consciousness facilitates their growing intimacy. He sharply contrasts the genuine intimacy of the women with the hypocritical friendship of the men, while underlining the women's isolation and powerlessness. Farley-Hills, D. Shakespeare and the Rival Playwrights, 1600-06. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, (1990); 101-112, expresses his ideas as to the "contrast between the sensitive Desdemona . . . and the coarser-grained but well-meaning Emilia, chattering about women's rights" (p. 108). Garner, S.N. Shakespeare's...
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...Othello Lago is the standard bearer of Othello and the main villain of the play. He is married to Emilia who is unquestionably distrustful towards him. Lago admits lusting after Desdemonna and justifies his actions that Othello may have slept with his wife, and so he just wants to get even. Later in the play Lago murders his wife which could be due to his strong hatred for women. He is an extremely cunning individual and makes various characters in the play believe that he has their best interest at heart. He enjoys watching the downfall of people, so his main aim is to destroy those who trust him. Lago resents Othello because of promoting Michael Cassio to the...
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...husband as he is compelled with jealousy. Desdemona forgives her husband beforehand – an act that may help Othello and the audience to exonerate him as well (Bhattacharyya 68). Conclusion This essay shows how Othello’s many negative attributes lead to his homicidal actions at the culmination of the play. This is a clear indication that Shakespeare does not regard him as the classical hero of the play. Lago’s dominance, on the other hand, invokes the feeling that the play should have been named ‘Lago.’ Even more, some critics have questioned whether Shakespeare wrote some of the lines included in the play. Overall, the author uses various styles to portray the character traits to the...
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...Is Othellos race a key factor in his fall? al Affiliation Introduction In Shakespeares heartbreaking play Othello; many scholars have argued differently on the factors that led to Othello’s downfall. Being a moor of the Venice, Othello’s skin color was described as a black man who was not racially accepted in the culture and society for the whites in Venice (Crawford, 2009). The Othello relationship with Desdemona is one of the instances that portray Othello’s race as a determining factor for his downfall. Many scholars interpret Othello as a white man in the body of a black man. Additionally, acknowledging that Othello is a black who goes against the social norms provides another reason of Moor’s downfall (Hugo, 2004). Othello’s... ...
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