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The paper 'Candide's Garden' presents one of Voltaire’s most prominent considerations which is the use of satire to expose institutions, individuals, ideas, and anything else valued by society. Perhaps the most notable such examples occur in Voltaire’s text, Candide…
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Candides Garden
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For instance, Candide is characterized as a transient rogue type character, while Cunegonde the characteristic sex interest (Voltaire). While this characterization constitutes satirical elements in itself, as the novel progresses one recognizes that they are a largely one-dimensional character. This hyperbolic characterization operates to satirize the aforementioned picaresque novel trends. Another satirical consideration occurs as Voltaire satirizes religion. To a large degree, Voltaire implements understatement in this process. Through understated, rather than overhanded criticism, Voltaire highlights religious hypocrisy. For instance, during the novel, the reader encounters the daughter of a pope (Voltaire). This is significant as the Pope is supposed to be celibate. In another instance, there is an intense Catholic-inquisitor who also has a mistress. Additionally, there is a Jesuit colonel who also has homosexual personality characteristics. All of these characters are introduced in the novel in subtle ways, but by not overly highlighting their hypocrisy the viewer is allowed to experience it more thoroughly Read More
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Candide'S Garden Literature Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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