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It is evident after reading the novel “Candide” by Voltaire, written in 1759, that Voltaire denounces the established ideas and practices of the society, and dares to challenge the norms, to the extent of bordering on blasphemy. The writer…
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Candide by voltaire
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Harris Kamran History and Political Science Analysis 8 April Candide by Voltaire It is evident after reading the novel “Candide” by Voltaire, written in 1759, that Voltaire denounces the established ideas and practices of the society, and dares to challenge the norms, to the extent of bordering on blasphemy. The writer has, through his characters, and especially through the characters of Pangloss and Candide, explored the set ideology of the masses, and tried to contradict them (Voltaire). One such theme that he has opposed is that of optimism, and to a lesser extent, hope (Voltaire). Voltaire maintains that the world is not perfect, and that there might be no reason or justification for the atrocities that one faces in life, such as his characters facing or witnessing tortures of flogging, rape, earthquake, and others (Voltaire).
Linked to this is the concept of a God, who, in His infinite Wisdom, can justify such hardships. By denouncing optimism, Voltaire denounces the existence of God (Voltaire). He also writes against theoretical philosophy and mere rhetoric in favor of practical work and constructive thinking, for while Candide is trapped beneath the rubble of the earthquake, instead of helping him, Pangloss lectures him on the philosophical causes of the tragedy (Voltaire). This is in contrast to the happiness and contentment that Candide feels at the end when he is in his garden, and he tells his companion, “let us cultivate our garden” (Voltaire) . This demonstrates the triumph of labor over thought.
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