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Response paper to this qustionIn Candide, what are the various attitudes, ideas, and behaviors that Voltaire is lampooning - Essay Example

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Voltaire's Candide is an attempt to address the issues of religious ideas which were followed by Antichrist's and behaviors of people within and outside the castle. Through Candide, Voltaire has tried to address the issues of existing evils which are evident in present world…
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Response paper to this qustionIn Candide, what are the various attitudes, ideas, and behaviors that Voltaire is lampooning
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Extract of sample "Response paper to this qustionIn Candide, what are the various attitudes, ideas, and behaviors that Voltaire is lampooning"

Vedanta Kumar Candide 08 September Attitudes, Ideas and Behaviors in 'Candide' Voltaire's Candide is an attempt to address the issues of religious ideas which were followed by Antichrist's and behaviors of people within and outside the castle. Through Candide, Voltaire has tried to address the issues of existing evils which are evident in present world. Voltaire ridicules the belief that we live in the best of all possible worlds and also the notion that there is no effect without the cause. . The following paper presents the views of Voltaire about the attitudes of people through his characters and ideas in relation to the religion and beliefs and behavior of certain characters.
Voltaire's Candide shows the complete transformation of philosophical idelogoly of Pangloss that this is the best of all possible worlds. This may clearly fit to a person someone like Candide who is not aware of the outside world other than his baron's castle. But in reality, world is full of misery and corruption. The change in the mindset of a person depending on the situation is rightly presented throughout the process as he sees corruption and violence all over the world. It must be noticed that Voltaire has criticized the ideology of various characters and has tried to enlighten us about the real world.
Candide is an exemplary work by Voltaire as he brings to light the behavior of various characters and criticizes the philosophies and ideologies of various religions like Roman Catholic Church, Islam and others. The idea of free will is questioned by an individual's control over his own destiny. Voltaire criticizes the idea of free will through Candide as a person is predestined to act irrespective of the fact whether he is doing good or evil.
The main notion as stated by Pangloss that "there is no effect without a cause' and "we live in the best of all possible worlds and whatever happens is for the best' is strongly ridiculed as there is lot of violence and bloodshed resulting in loss of lives. The loss of lives, killing of people for the sake of possession is common and contrasts to the idea of Pangloss. Candide tells its readers that world is corrupt and evil persists in many form. Therefore we must be ready to confront the evil, whatever shape or form it takes, natural or unnatural. Further Voltaire also attacks idea that there is a divine will guiding earthly event and denies providence as beneficent guiding principles as no rational pattern exists in the world.
Voltaire, mostly has criticized the attitude and behavior of people during that particular period and ridiculed certain ideas which were not practical. In Candide, Voltaire reaches to a conclusion that art of life is in living which is evident when Candide realizes that 'we must take care of our garden' and according to Pangloss "man was put into the garden of Eden - with an intent to dress it - - that man was not born to be idle". (97)
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De Voltaire, Francois-Marie Arouet, Candide or Optimism, Trans. Burton Raffel, United States of America, Yale University, (1759) 2005, Print Read More
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