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Organizational Behavior: Definition, Importance - Assignment Example

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 This assignment "Organizational Behavior: Definition, Importance" discusses the role perception of the MARS model elements and how it affects the behavior of the employee. The assignment considers how you could utilize the stereotyping idea in enhancing organizational behavior…
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Organizational Behavior: Definition, Importance
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Download file to see previous pages Comprehensive job descriptions provide the main characteristics of the given position and clarify what expectations the employee should have again his job. Role perception is an association aiding both the manager and the employee in presenting and advertising the job position.
For example, when hiring an IT specialist managers need to understand the key tasks and what skills are required by the applicant to accomplish the job in the most effective way. The role perception of the best candidate for the IT department requires having a technical background. Even if the company provides initial training, the candidate must ensure that his role perception of IT specialist matches this of the Human Resources. IT specialist should be familiar with server administration, network programs, and database administration. Also, he has to have knowledge in operational software, data analysis and implementation of certain, internal company programs. Thus, making a job description easily understandable and keeping adequate feedback for a position is of crucial importance for ensuring the candidate’s understanding of what role he plays within the company.
The best way to utilize the stereotyping ideas in enhancing organizational behavior is to employ the idea of positive organizational behavior. This has direct implications for the success of a business. The key outcome of positive organizational behavior is that it engages the employees to have a better understanding of the relationship between work and their personal happiness. In a broader sense, the stereotyping idea of enhancing organizational behavior makes the company flourish. Positivity at the workplace helps to accomplish one’s purpose of life. Undoubtedly, working conditions inspire employees to engage more actively in the working processes.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Behavior: Definition, Importance Assignment - 35.
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