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Candide El Dorado sequence - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Candide El Dorado Sequence The significance of Candide Eldorado The episode in Eldorado is significant in many spheres. The author uses Eldorado to depict an utopian world. This is an ideal society that is remarkably the epitome of human aspirations…
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Candide El Dorado sequence
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Extract of sample "Candide El Dorado sequence"

Download file to see previous pages Candide and Cacambo are appreciated in this strange land. Their host, the king and the old man together personify the goodness inherent in all human beings. Remember Candide has had a rough time since his fleeing the home of the Baron. He nearly gives up on the concept of equality and fairness. Despite the lessons received from Con’egonde’s tutor - the philosopher on equality of humanity, the harsh conditions in life alter his mentality towards a state of despondency (Shmoop 32). Eldorado therefore, offers an opportunity to dream again of a just society. Once again Candide is offered a lifeline. He has a reason to live more and appreciate life for what it is. The comparisons by Candide of the life in Westphalia and the life in Eldorado serve to show that Eldorado offers humanity a fair share of life. Candide compares the smiles of the schoolmaster to that of the old man, the kind of excuses given by the old man and even the life lived by the royalty under the king compared to life in the baron’s palace. The depiction is of a people respectful of the sanctity of life. The society in Eldorado respects life. They purpose to preserve life. This is a major difference from the other cities and places Candide visits in his journeys (Voltaire 24). In his own land, he was forced out merely due to his unpermitted interaction with the daughter of the baron. This is due to an intolerant despot in the person of the baron. He represents the irony of societal leaders. Ideally, leadership was for maintenance of order, peace and harmony. Leaders are expected to be servants of the people. However, the baron’s demeanor full of contempt towards his own subjects who he openly discriminates offers the least of that. Consequently, Candide is denied with the pleasure and privilege of engaging with the baron’s daughter Con’egonde. Therefore, the warm reception Candide receives in Eldorado surprises him. This is a significant aspect of leadership. The author depicts the king in Eldorado as the true leader. The reception to the king’s residence not only amuses Candide but depicts the humility of the royalty in Eldorado (Wilson and Reill 201). Eldorado is a world of liberalism. The king allows ideas and pursuit of individual happiness. The bigotry and hypocrisy of other world leaders are openly disdained. The Eldorado’s are free to trade through the market system. Merchants, currency and commerce in general exist without an exploitative regime. The king does not hide behind service provision to collect taxes (Kohler and Magill).While other governments and societies employ the concept of laissez faire, they frustrate the spirit through the abuse of state resources. The free market system ideally views the government as the facilitator of free markets. It is on this premise that they pay taxes to enable governments provide the facilitating environment. However, in society, the governments of the day have continually abused state authority to satisfy their own selfish interests. The leadership of the king departs from this tradition. He allows economic empowerment. He uses the resources efficiently for the benefit of the people. Ideally, the author uses this to show his disdain of governments. He champions patriotic leadership that has the interest of the people at heart (Voltaire 24,25). Further a veiled effort to chide class struggles in society emanates. The primary reason that leads to Candide’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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