Critical analysis of Desiree's Baby - Essay Example

This paper will comprehensively shed light upon the theme of this short story and the paper will also analyze its major themes and the role of major characters.
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Critical analysis of Desirees Baby

Extract of sample Critical analysis of Desiree's Baby

Download file to see previous pages mes Chopin most wrote about but this short story is difficult to classify because of its really short nature, it also becomes difficult because the writer has left the conclusion to the readers. Miscegenation and slavery are also very important themes of this short story.
Inferior and superior are also important themes of Desiree’s Baby, it was always thought that the African Americans were inferior to the native Americans because of the color of their skin, the African Americans never looked as good as the native Americans and purely on the basis of their look they were considered to be much inferior to the native Americans, the story shows how the life of Desiree and her baby gets ruined because of this superior and inferior perception of the people. The very same thing is happening even today, African Americans are abused openly and considered to be much inferior to the Native Americans and absolutely nothing is being done about it.
The character of Armand is of prime importance in the story; his pride ruins everything in the story. Armand was a slave owner and was a very well respected man in Louisiana. “One of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana” (Desiree’s Baby)
His pride always came first for him and it was even more important than his own family which was quite a surprise to the readers, he asked his family members to leave just because their skin color was not white. The story is all about race and slavery, these two are the most important themes of this short story.
Armand asked his wife and baby to leave so that others could not make fun of him, others would have had an ideal opportunity to poke fun at Armand had he kept his family members with him because his family members were not white and he was a slave owner who dominated the blacks. “He no longer loved her, because of the unconscious injury she had brought upon his home and his name” (Desiree’s Baby)
The unconscious injury that Armand suffered from became a huge problem, he ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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