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Design SSRD (single subject research design) in early childhood - Essay Example

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Many studies examine the use of early intervention to help a child overcome a speech delay or any other delay. In our study we want to see if a typically developing child would…
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Design SSRD (single subject research design) in early childhood
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Download file to see previous pages The child who participated in this study, Lulu, attends a daycare three days a week from 7am to 5pm. At the time of the study, Lulu was 24 months old. Lulu’s family has a diverse background. Her father is from Middle Eastern descent and speaks Arabic and English. Her mother is from European descent and she speaks Russian and English. In daycare Lulu is only exposed to English and baby sign. Lulu met the criteria for a normal developing child according to the Bayley Scales of Infant Development. Lulu’s overall development is age appropriate in motor skills, social-emotional, and self-help.
Lulu’s language is age appropriate. Lulu is very sociable and enjoys talking to other children and adults. Lulu knows that when she is around family she can speak either Arabic or Russian. She knows to use English at daycare and with new people that she meets
The dependent variable was Lulu’s verbal language. Lulu uses several of Arabic, Russian, and English words. For example she says water in Arabic only (mai) and the ball she always says it in Russian (mathci). She says night night if she is sleepy and wants to go to bed in addition to Baba, Mama, bye, milk and auntie. Lulu uses around 100 single words and she uses two to three word phrases. Also, she uses sounds to point for things that she do not know their names or it is difficult to say such as, oi oi oi if she wants us to open something for her. After the study we would like to see Lulu continue expanding her verbal language
The research team will observe Lulu for 30 days. The researcher will count the number of verbal words that she uses and the number of baby sign used. The measurement would be event sampling of parent use of baby sign language.
The researchers will use a checklist of parent implementation of baby sign. The baseline would be Lulu’s use of verbal language with people without mom using baby sign. During the B condition (intervention) mom will use baby sign. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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